Blue Chip

Harry Hall have teamed up with Blue Chip horse feed to bring you the best products from their range, we’re pleased to offer 16 products from Blue Chip including feed balancers, joint care supplements and calming syringes. The Blue Chip Original feed balancer is a popular product for maintaining top line, condition and a healthy coat in horses and ponies. Packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients it includes everything your horse needs daily.

 Also available at Harry Hall is the Blue Chip lami light feed balancer – this is the ultimate diet feed balancer that provides essential vitamins and nutrients for your horse. It is cereal and molasses free meaning the balancer is naturally low in starches and sugars making it a perfect balancer feed for horses and ponies who suffer with laminitis. Harry Hall also have AppleCalm, CarrotCalm and Garliq available as part of the Blue Chip range. The calming syringes are a perfect way to take the edge off your horse without being drowsy. Calming syringes are great for travelling, box-rest and competitions which are absorbed quickly thanks to the paste formula. For help and advice on which Blue Chip horse feed product is best for your horse, contact the experienced Harry Hall team who can talk you through the products.

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