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Cottage Craft Horse Riding Accessories

At Cottage Craft we provide an extensive range of practical items and horse riding accessories such as brushes and combs, leads, stirrup leathers and a variety of horse bandages. Our quality, durable designs mean Cottage Craft kit can be found in almost every yard! Cottage Craft continues to provide indispensable, useful items for both the leisure and professional rider too. Our well designed, stable essentials make us one of the most popular brands in horse wear, and we are proud to continue to deliver fantastic, affordable products to our customers.

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  1. Navy Blue Tail Bandage
    Cottage Craft Tail Bandage Navy

    One Club Price £3.15

  2. Mid Blue Magnetic Mitt
    Cottage Craft Magnetic Mitt Blue

    One Club Price £3.74

  3. Red Hoof Pick Brush
    Cottage Craft Hoof Pick Brush Red

    One Club Price £1.04

  4. Black Cotton Lead Rope
    Cottage Craft Cotton Lead Rope Black

    One Club Price £3.38

  5. Black Flex-Wrap
    Cottage Craft Flex-Wrap Black

    One Club Price £2.25

  6. Mixed Gel Curry Comb
    Cottage Craft Gel Curry Comb

    One Club Price £1.39

  7. Mane and Tail Comb
    Cottage Craft Mane and Tail Comb

    One Club Price £1.04

  8. Navy Blue & Purple Small Dandy Brush Mixed Bristle
    Cottage Craft Small Dandy Blue

    One Club Price £3.14

  9. Black Smart Lead Rope
    Cottage Craft Smart Lead Rope Black

    One Club Price £8.25

  10. Neon Green DM Dandy Brush
    Cottage Craft DM Dandy Brush Green

    One Club Price £3.68

  11. Black Large Haynet
    Cottage Craft Large Haynet Black

    One Club Price £4.19

  12. Bot Egg Knife
    Cottage Craft Bot Egg Knife

    One Club Price £2.44

  13. Oval Mud Brush
    Cottage Craft Oval Mud Brush

    One Club Price £3.84

  14. Mid Blue DM Face Brush
    Cottage Craft DM Face Brush Blue

    One Club Price £2.09

  15. Black Plastic Curry Comb
    Cottage Craft Plastic Curry Comb Black

    One Club Price £1.39

  16. Black Plaiting Pack
    Cottage Craft Plaiting Pack Black

    One Club Price £1.11

  17. Purple Flex-Wrap
    Cottage Craft Flex-Wrap Purple

    One Club Price £2.25

Items 1-24 of 561

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