Riding Gloves

Choose from our fantastic variety of horse riding gloves in a selection of colours and designs. From classic brown suede to blue leather riding gloves – all our styles offer comfort, support and superior grip. We also have waterproof and fleece lined gloves perfect for those cold snaps.

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Riding Gloves for Horse Riding for Women, Men and Kids

You might think that horse riding gloves are only essential in colder conditions, but actually riding gloves serve many purposes. Not only will they prevent your hands from getting frostbite if you head out for a hack on a wintery morning, but they can also help you to keep a firm grip on the reins which will allow you to be in better control of your horse.

The right riding gloves can make or break your enjoyment on a ride in the ring or outdoors. Warm fingers, a firm grip on the reins and the right level of contact are essential to a good ride before you even think about the different materials and colour options available. We can help whatever the season, whatever your activity and whatever kind of feel on the reins you like to achieve.

You may like a traditional look or prefer modern materials and patterns with clever touches like touchscreen fingers. Realistically, regular riders need multiple pairs - ones for yard work in cold weather, others for riding in, and at least one pair for “best” - when you are competing perhaps. Harry Hall has an extensive selection, ranging from chic leather riding gloves to waterproof riding gloves with Velcro adjusters and thinsulate linings.

What makes riding gloves so important?

Gloves for horse riding do much more than just keep your hands more – they offer an extra level of safety and security – ensuring your grip on the reigns.

Do I need more than on pair of riding gloves?

Ideally, yes – throughout our range of gloves, each item offers different practical uses as well as aesthetic advantages. Some may suit you better for stable work in colder temperatures, whilst others may be better for riding or competition use. Plus you can even get a waterproof pair.

An example of each style:

Stable use – Uvex CRX700 Gloves

Riding use – Mark Todd Sports Gloves

Competition use – Roeckl Madrid Riding Gloves

Are certain horse riding gloves suited better to different times of year?

Our range of riding gloves is specifically designed to help you no matter what your needs are! Some of our gloves are perfect for the colder winter months – whilst others offer a lower amount of warmth, ensuring you don't overheat – although we're not too sure that will be too much of a problem in British weather conditions!

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