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High visibility accessories are essential all year round. Choose from our range of fluorescent equestrian clothing and horse wear to help you to stay safe and seen.

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Hi Viz for Horse and Rider

Remain safe and visible when out and about with your horse. Hi visibility and reflective equestrian products help keep riders and their horses seen on the road and in dark, low light or foggy conditions.

Why should horse riders wear hi visibility clothing?

It is important for riders and horses to wear hi visibility products to ensure you and your horse can been seen from the earliest opportunity.  This will give other road users valuable extra time to slow down if they are aware of your presence.  It is recommended you wear hi visibility products all year round, not just when its dark or foggy.

What is reflective horse wear?

Reflective horse wear is a safety product designed to help horses and their riders remain visible while on the road, or in low-light situations. These products typically feature high-visibility colours and reflective materials, which help reflect light back to its source, thus making it easier for drivers or other bridleway users to spot them.

How can hi vis make you more visible horse riding on roads?

When you and your horse have a variety of hi vis products it can help be seen from every angle. Examples of hi visibility horse and rider products you can combine are: tabards, exercise sheets, leg wraps, bridle covers and hat silks. It's glow in the dark matchy matchy season in autumn and winter!

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