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The Masta Coolmasta rug is a versatile rug that can be used for an exercise rug, travel rug or as a smart show rug

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Coolmasta Horse and Pony Rugs

Coolmasta horse and pony cooler rugs by horse rug specialist Masta. Masta have been developing horse rugs for over 30 years and have worked hard to develop rugs that will benefit your horse. The well-known range of Masta’s Coolmasta horse rugs have been specially woven using teased fabric ensuring this rug has good wicking properties so that your horse isn’t left cold and damp after working up a sweat in the cooler months. The Coolmasta rug is a versatile rug from horse rug specialist Masta, it can be used as an exercise rug, travel rug or as a smart show rug. Fold back hook and loop fastenings to the front and adjustable belly straps mean this horse cooler rug can be adjusted to fit your horse and is suitable to leave on your horse in the stable.

Cooler rugs can be used during day or night and are ideal for keeping your horse cool during the warmer months, Masta horse cooler rugs are an essential addition to your horse’s wardrobe and come in handy in a variety of situations. A cooler rug is ideal to use when your horse is travelling during the winter months as it can keep their temperature regulate as well as act as a coat protector against dust and flies.