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Our Horse & Pony treats are all made from healthy, natural ingredients. Whether it’s a training reward, a thank you, or a trick to try and catch that cheeky pony, you can be sure your horse will enjoy each bite.

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Treats for Your Pony & Horse

At Harry Hall, we stock a range of horse treats, which are ideal for keeping your horse happy, healthy and active. They are the perfect snack for a job well done, after a great ride or as a delicious reward for good behaviour. Easy to store and to have to hand, keep in your tack box or kit bag to use as an instant reward.

Why not use the pony treats to help alleviate boredom when your horse is in the stable, or add to a treat ball for hours of enjoyment? Our grass blocks are not only high in fibre and free from molasses and additives, but they are also equivalent to half a fold of hay and are ideal for horses on box rest.

Mastacare Horse Treats are healthy natural rewards, ideal for training your horse. Why not view our grass blocks, which help keep boredom at bay and make staying inside that little bit more fun?

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