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  1. Conquering Confidence

    Conquering Confidence

    Amateur eventer, Harry Hall Ambassador and #twittereventing co-founder has had a purple patch of results recently but it hasn’t always been plain sailing for Tamsin Drew and Ziggy…


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  2. A Heartbreaking Decision

    A Heartbreaking Decision

     A Heartbreaking Decision

     Sometimes being an animal owner requires you to make tough decisions. Alison Hall, along with her young children Holly and Harry, faced the ultimate nightmare earlier in the year.

     “The hardest day of my life came when I had to break my children's hearts and let go of our much loved miniature Shetland Mooky.

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  3. Work Your Socks Off

    Work Your Socks Off

    Work Your Socks Off

    Rosie and I meet huddled over a cup of coffee in a farmhouse kitchen in Yorkshire and I’m intrigued to find out how she ended up here after leaving Poland 10 years ago. “Well when a great opportunity comes about you take it right?” Carry on Rosie, I’m intrigued…

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  4. Field Officer Nick White

    Field Officer Nick White

    Harry Hall spoke to World Horse Welfare Nick White about his role as a Field Officer for the charity:

    I have been a field officer for eleven years, prior to that I did over thirty years in the Metropolitan police as a mounted officer, competitor, public order and equitation instructor, I also formed and ran the Equine crime unit. My job as a World Horse Welfare Field Officer involves investigating welfare concerns reported mainly through our welfare line and to check on World Horse Welfare horses rehomed through the Rehoming Scheme. I cover six counties including London and in addition to my daily duties I advise others, including the police, on matters such as straying horses on the road and the Control of Horses Act 2015. On a daily basis I investigate allegations of equine suffering and try to resolve instances of suffering by offering realistic solutions and advice to horse owners. In deliberate or repeated cases of neglect or cruelty I will work with other organisations to undertake a prosecution, this is usually as a last resort.


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  5. Finding a Routine

    Finding a Routine

    Harry Hall sponsored rider Emma Woolley describes how she’s re-thought some aspects of her horses’ training, and found a routine that keeps them happy in the heat 

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  6. Working Full Time and Riding

    Working Full Time and Riding

    Harry Hall Ambassador Liz Langford competes in showing and dressage around a busy career. We caught up with her to find out how she balances work, life and riding!

    Before I crack on, let me introduce myself, Im Liz, am a farmers daughter from Herefordshire. Ive been riding for over 40 years, having started when I was three. I guess you would class me as a keen amateur rider which is funded through my job as Equestrian Property Consultant at an Fox Grant Estate Agents

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  7. Failed Show Jumpers make Olympians!

    Failed Show Jumpers make Olympians!

    The latest Harry Hall Yard Visit took us to the training yard of modern pentathlete and Olympic silver medallist Samantha Murray. Modern pentathlon combines the five disciplines of riding, swimming, running, fencing and shooting in one day! Sam has been part of the Harry Hall Riding team for a few years and we’re proud to support such a hard-working athlete who’s unfaltering discipline and motivation has won her an Olympic medal. She’s a massive fan of the soft leather Caldene Casoria Riding Boots and wears them when competing internationally.

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  8. Win a Caldene Softshell Jacket

    Win a Caldene Softshell Jacket


    We're offering you the chance to win the Caldene Sofia Jacket worth £80! Simply complete the form below and ensure you like our facebook page for your chance to win! Good luck! 

    Check out the Sofia Jacket here.

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  9. Win A Caldene Bridle

    Win A Caldene Bridle


    We're offering you the chance to win a Crank Nose Band Bridle with detatchable flash worth £120! Simply complete the form below and ensure you like our facebook page for your chance to win! Good luck! 

    Check out the rest of our horsewear collection here.

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  10. January Blues For Equestrians

    January Blues For Equestrians


    Winter is always a tough time for us equestrians – no matter how dedicated we consider ourselves to be, it’s so much harder to wake up on dark mornings to go and see our beloved pets. Not only that, but the loss of sunlight by 4 means after work we just want to crawl into bed and we constantly question our sanity as we wait for hours in the cold, dreary rain on a weekend day for our class to finish at the local competition.


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  11. Finishing 2017 as Caldene ROTM

    Finishing 2017 as Caldene ROTM

    As 2017 draws to a close it's time to announce our final Caldene Rider Of The Month for the year, Jo Bialkowska. Find out more about Jo as she tells us why 2017 has been a good year for her and how Eventing has always been a dream of hers after spending many years following Zara Phillips!

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  12. Stop, Think, Evaluate & Improve

    Stop, Think, Evaluate & Improve


    Taking some time out after a busy season, I find it really helpful to take a step back and evaluate everything. Setting goals and having a solid plan from early on in the year has been the key.

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