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  1. Win A Caldene Bridle

    Win A Caldene Bridle


    We're offering you the chance to win a Crank Nose Band Bridle with detatchable flash worth £120! Simply complete the form below and ensure you like our facebook page for your chance to win! Good luck! 

    Check out the rest of our horsewear collection here.

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  2. January Blues For Equestrians

    January Blues For Equestrians


    Winter is always a tough time for us equestrians – no matter how dedicated we consider ourselves to be, it’s so much harder to wake up on dark mornings to go and see our beloved pets. Not only that, but the loss of sunlight by 4 means after work we just want to crawl into bed and we constantly question our sanity as we wait for hours in the cold, dreary rain on a weekend day for our class to finish at the local competition.


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  3. Finishing 2017 as Caldene ROTM

    Finishing 2017 as Caldene ROTM

    As 2017 draws to a close it's time to announce our final Caldene Rider Of The Month for the year, Jo Bialkowska. Find out more about Jo as she tells us why 2017 has been a good year for her and how Eventing has always been a dream of hers after spending many years following Zara Phillips!

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  4. Stop, Think, Evaluate & Improve

    Stop, Think, Evaluate & Improve


    Taking some time out after a busy season, I find it really helpful to take a step back and evaluate everything. Setting goals and having a solid plan from early on in the year has been the key.

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  5. Caldene ROTM

    Caldene ROTM

    Now in the third month of our Caldene Rider Of The Month programme, we are continuing to celebrate achievements, support talent and pick someone up for the month. We thought it was time to get to know our latest rider Gayle King.

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  6. Horses Are A Roller Coaster

    Horses Are A Roller Coaster


    Lucie Wells, our first Caldene Rider of the Month, tells us about the horsey highs and lows she’s experienced that marked her out amongst our applicants. I’m Lucie Wells, a 28-year-old marketing manager, wife and dedicated rider (not necessarily in that order!) based near Stockbridge in Hampshire. And I’m very proud to have been chosen as the first Caldene Rider of the Month.


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  7. Meet Caldene Rider Of The Month

    Meet Caldene Rider Of The Month


    We were delighted to see so many entries for our first Rider Of The Month. We want to celebrate achievements, support talent and pick someone up for the month. We thought it was time to get to know our first rider Lucie Wells. Lucie is 28 and for 5 years has owned Sprite, a 14-year-old thoroughbred ex racer who she Events. As Lucie says, “he's not necessarily what everyone would consider as a top class event horse but to me he is perfect, especially after nearly losing him to pneumonia last year”

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  8. Caldene Rider Of The Month

    Caldene Rider Of The Month


    Could you be CALDENE’S RIDER OF THE MONTH? Caldene is looking for one rider a month who achievements we can celebrate with our Rider of the Month accolade. Have you soldiered on through endless wet rides this month? Have you achieved something new with your horse, faced a disappointment, done someone a favour or perhaps just need a pat on the back and a pick you up?

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  9. Top Tips For Equine Photography

    Top Tips For Equine Photography


    With summer now upon us we all want a gorgeous sunset photo of our horses to share on Instagram or Facebook, but capturing this dream image can be a lot easier said than done. Having the right equipment does help and make things a little easier but not everyone has access to a fancy camera and all the lenses to go with it. So here I’ve put together my top tips for getting that perfect shot, in a variety of locations, whether you have an SLR camera or just your regular smart phone.

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  10. Dressage Camp At Moody HQ

    Dressage Camp At Moody HQ


    On a very wet Wednesday morning last week, I packed Herbie’s overnight bag and we trucked off for an intensive dressage camp at the Moody Headquarters. Herbie and I have qualified for summer regionals in both Elementary and Medium and having had a taste of the winter nationals earlier this year I’d love to qualify for the summers so it was time to up our game! There were six of us on the camp, all competing at different levels so it was really nice to meet some new people and chat about where we’re currently at and what we’re doing to progress.

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  11. Maths To Horsepower

    Maths To Horsepower


    New Harry Hall Ambassador Jessica Burke, a teacher and keen amateur show jumper based in Galway, explains how her focus swings from maths to horsepower over the course of the year. What a year it's been so far for Coole Sport Horses, our family run business in County Galway, run mainly by myself and my partner Darragh. Summer is here and the weather, as usual in Ireland, isn’t great. But our horses have been on fire lately and at this time of year we compete almost every weekend.

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  12. What A Week At Hartpury

    What A Week At Hartpury


    Last Tuesday we headed off on a 4hr journey to Hartpury in Gloucestershire for the British Dressage National Winter Championships. Herbie and I had qualified in the Elementary Petplan and Novice Music, with the Elementary test in the outdoor arena on the first day and the music in the main arena on the second day.

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