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  1. Meet One Club Member Nicky

    Harry Hall One Club


    It's Harry Hall One Club member blog time and this month Nicky Caines put up her hand to feature. It's a tale of perseverance and regaining confidence even when you think there's no way it can come back again. Be brave, ask for help and find a new way forward.


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  2. Pole Exercises for Horses

    Pole exercises for horses


    Winter is closing in the nights are dark and cold and it's tricky to be able to find the time or enough daylight to vary your weekly training sessions. This exercise is quick and simple yet super effective. Its main aim is core, shoulder, and back muscle activation, as well as stretching throughout – so is a good full-body workout for your horse! I wouldn’t say that this is an exercise you would solely use in a session, but it certainly works the horse sufficiently to only combine it with a bit of stretching in trot and canter afterward. Personally, I wouldn’t like to do a hard schooling session on top of this exercise as it's actually quite hard work for your horse. 

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  3. The Cleveland Bay

    Cleveland Bay


    When Julie Roberts got in touch to tell us about her two horses we had to share it as a blog, this special breed should be celebrated. The beautiful shades of bay, from light to dark, with black points on the legs and a black mane and tail, some with a hint of red colour on the knees make them absolutely eye-catching. Over to you Julie. "I’ve ridden and been around horses since I was a small child and wouldn’t want to be without them. I’ve owned and ridden all shapes and sizes but the breed that has won my heart since seeing them at a show many years ago is the Cleveland Bay.

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  4. Taking on an ex-racehorse




    What a year 2020 has been for us all, and certainly not in the way we planned! I know I had ideas about what we both were going to achieve and places we were going to go, but the reality of this year has meant we have mainly just enjoyed each other’s company and got to know one another better. I’m Evie and the chestnut giant in the pictures is Trace Elements, better known as Paddy. He is a 17hh ex-racehorse I’ve had for the past two years, he's a real character and I'm looking forward to telling you more about him in this blog.


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  5. Next Generation - Riding Skins

    Harry Hall Riding Skins


    The Next Generation of rider wear has landed at Harry Hall - introducing Riding Skins. Designed to maximise your potential, transform your performance and accelerate your recovery, we caught up product innovator Beth to find out what inspired her to develop the new range.

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  6. Meet Kate

    One Club member story


    Three years ago I suffered a serious fall when viewing a horse, the stirrup leather broke and the horse went mad which resulted in me having a quite severe concussion and spending the night in A&E. I was thrown several feet into the air which then led to me landing head and neck first on the ground. I was unconscious for a while, it felt as though I was on a cloud and no one could reach me. I couldn't remember a thing, pins for my bank cards, my phone number, I could barely recognise my boyfriend. I'm Kate and this is my equestrian story.


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  7. Golden Ticket

    Harry Hall Golden Ticket



    This October and November with Harry Hall's Golden Ticket! So what is it, how can you win and what prizes are up for grabs?


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  8. Unstable future for UK’s horses

    Concerned horse owner worried about costs

    67% of horse owners are concerned about the cost of keeping their horse

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  9. September Newsletter

    Harry Hall News


    What's been happening at Harry Hall this September? We look back at the main events and as always a lot can happen in a month...

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  10. The Cost of Horse Ownership

    What do horses cost us


    What do horses cost us? Reading your riding stories got us thinking, what do horses really cost us? There are obviously the financial costs, but what about the physical and emotional side of horse ownership. Does any other relationship come close? In this blog, we investigate what horses really cost us.


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  11. Your Riding Stories - Oh Gill

    Your Riding Stories


    Here is my funny story. At the age of 62, I had always ridden but was getting a tad nervous, with self-preservation always in front of my mind, however one day I decided to be brave. It was a sunny Sunday morning and I agreed to a hack out with my adult daughter. The ride started well on two perfectly behaved ponies and I was enjoying life wondering why I wasn't brave more often.

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  12. Your Riding Stories - Driving Force

    Naomi Sutton's Riding story


    I have faced many challenges in my life so far. I’ve overcome a mental health illness that many never recover from, and I currently still live with two chronic physical health conditions that affect my mobility. Horses have been my sanctuary through all of this and in a crazy turn of events I’m now an elite para-equestrian athlete! This is my "pinch me I'm dreaming" story.


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