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Horse Care

  1. Pole Exercises for Horses

    Pole exercises for horses


    Winter is closing in the nights are dark and cold and it's tricky to be able to find the time or enough daylight to vary your weekly training sessions. This exercise is quick and simple yet super effective. Its main aim is core, shoulder, and back muscle activation, as well as stretching throughout – so is a good full-body workout for your horse! I wouldn’t say that this is an exercise you would solely use in a session, but it certainly works the horse sufficiently to only combine it with a bit of stretching in trot and canter afterward. Personally, I wouldn’t like to do a hard schooling session on top of this exercise as it's actually quite hard work for your horse. 

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  2. How to See a Stride

    How to see a stride


    In the first of our three-part series with British eventer Tom McEwen, we asked Tom for top tips on how to see a stride without leaving the ground. All this simple exercise requires is 4 poles and confidence from the rider to let the horse figure it out themselves. Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog in the series which will look at riding transitions. 

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  3. Meet Kate

    One Club member story


    Three years ago I suffered a serious fall when viewing a horse, the stirrup leather broke and the horse went mad which resulted in me having a quite severe concussion and spending the night in A&E. I was thrown several feet into the air which then led to me landing head and neck first on the ground. I was unconscious for a while, it felt as though I was on a cloud and no one could reach me. I couldn't remember a thing, pins for my bank cards, my phone number, I could barely recognise my boyfriend. I'm Kate and this is my equestrian story.


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  4. Mane Loss in Horses

    Prevent mane loss in horses


    Mane loss in horses is a real issue for a lot of horse owners during the winter months and so we set out to try and create a rug that helped prevent mane loss, now you can wave goodbye to having half a mane to plait and join our #nomorebadhairdays revolution.


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  5. Natural Horsemanship

    Natural Horsemanship


    What is natural horsemanship and how can it help form a strong bond with your horse? We asked our Harry Hall Heroes yard winners and natural horsemanship trainers, Zoe and Rhian from Top Barn Horsemanship to take us through the basics of natural horsemanship. From what they do in their sessions to getting to know the owners too.


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  6. The Cost of Horse Ownership

    What do horses cost us


    What do horses cost us? Reading your riding stories got us thinking, what do horses really cost us? There are obviously the financial costs, but what about the physical and emotional side of horse ownership. Does any other relationship come close? In this blog, we investigate what horses really cost us.


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  7. Over rugging: A Rugging Guide

    Over rugging: A Rugging Guide


    I find myself constantly wondering what rug to put on my mare Ruby who is a chunky cob.  I prefer having her in the lightest rugs possible and can see how easy it would be to over-rug, thinking it would be better to keep your horse warm than let them get cold. The biggest issue can be chilly mornings and warmer days, the horse may then sweat under the thick rug that was put on in the morning as you whizzed off to work. 

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