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Horse Care

  1. A horse vet fees insurance case study with a One Club member

    Horse Vet Fees Case Study

    When Rebecca Gee went to get her daughter’s horse Lolly from the field she couldn’t believe what had happened. A freak field injury led to months of box rest and treatment from the vet.

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  2. Understanding which breathable boots are best for your horse

    Understanding which breathable boots are best for your horse

    Most horse owners now prefer breathable horse boots and over the years, leg protection technology has improved so much that we no longer have to compromise protection over breathability. Many breathable boots now offer incredible protection and breathability. But do we really understand the importance of choosing a breathable boot for our horses?

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  3. Brooke: Inside the world of horse charity work

    Brooke Hackathon

    Brooke is an international animal welfare charity dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them. For millions of people around the world, working equines are the backbone of their communities. Without healthy working horses, donkeys and mules, they wouldn’t be able to put food on the table, send their children to school or build better futures for themselves, their families and their animals.

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  4. The Horse Trust: The Oldest Charity in the World

    The Horse Trust Carriage

    2021 is a landmark year for The Horse Trust as we are celebrating our 135th anniversary. As the world’s oldest equine charity, we have evolved almost continually since our founding in 1886. Despite the changes along the way, our ethos and values have remained almost unchanged… we continue to provide retirement and sanctuary to horses in need across the country, and this will never change.

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  5. How to See a Stride

    How to see a stride


    In the first of our three-part series with British eventer Tom McEwen, we asked Tom for top tips on how to see a stride without leaving the ground. All this simple exercise requires is 4 poles and confidence from the rider to let the horse figure it out themselves. Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog in the series which will look at riding transitions. 

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  6. Activate Your Horse's Core

    Improve Your Horse's Core


    If you enjoyed dressage rider and trainer Jess Dunn’s last blog on improving poll flexibility, then this one is for you! The horse’s core is a complex area of the anatomy, consisting of the back, spine and ribs. Good flexibility of your horse’s core is key to improving performance but also helping to reduce the risk of injury as well as maintaining general wellbeing. In this blog, Jess shows us two simple exercises that can be effective to help strengthen your horse’s core.


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  7. First Aid Essentials

    First aid for horses


    Is it time to start stocking up your horse first aid kit? In preparation for the competition season re-starting, it’s important to get your first aid kit stocked up ready for the lorry and buying your first aid essentials from brands you can trust will bring you peace of mind when it comes to treating your horse. We caught up with our friends at NAF to find out what makes it onto their list of essential first-aid kit items.


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  8. Windgalls in Horses

    Windgalls in horses


    We caught up with Brian Reed from Rainbow Equine Hospital for an overview on windgalls in horses. We were keen to know some of the basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to managing, treating and even preventing windgalls in horses.


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  9. How To Lunge A Horse

    How to lunge a horse


    When done correctly, lunging a horse can help your horse learn to be more flexible and balanced as well as helping to improve fitness. It’s also super interesting to see how your horse moves from the ground. We asked Eventer and coach Kath Pinnington for her top tips on how to lunge a horse and why lunging can be helpful.


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  10. What Is Kissing Spine

    Kissing Spine


    Most of us have heard of Kissing Spine - for many equestrians, it’s a term that sends shivers down their own spine. We want to understand what it is, how to spot it, and what treatments are out there for it. We spoke to vet Brian Reed MRCVS from Rainbow Equine Hospital for the lowdown on Kissing Spine.


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  11. Respiratory Disease in Horses

    Respiratory disease in horses


    Respiratory disease in horses, a two-minute read giving you the knowledge of what to look out and listen for. Brian Reed from Rainbow Equine has kindly given us some key pieces of information to refer to if you're concerned about respiratory diseases in horses. 

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  12. Mud Fever in Horses

    Mud Fever in horses


    Mud fever in horses. Every year it’s the same, a combination of wet weather and hair on horses’ legs provides a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that causes mud fever. White-haired areas and pink skin are more prone to mud fever, so be extra vigilant if your horse ticks these boxes and has one or more white socks.

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