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  1. Coping with Injury

    Coping with Injury


    Hi! So in January last year, I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) whilst playing netball, then had to have surgery to reconstruct this in September. As a result, I couldn’t ride for a good few months, and I’m still just starting to get back into it. Therefore, I decided to share some of the ways I kept myself busy around horses and still managed to be active at the yard, despite not being to ride. As I mentioned, for me, this was a case of me being injured and not being able to ride, however some these suggestions would probably also work if it was your horse that was out of work rather than you!

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  2. An Insight Into Equine Nutrition

    An Insight Into Equine Nutrition


    Equine Nutrition is such a big area to go through and everyone does it differently. So just a few facts for you to bear in mind when you are feeding your horses whether for leisure or competition, horses in the wild forage for around 16 hours over a 24 hour period, this means they are actively seeking for food in those 16 hours.

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  3. Meet the OTHER Harry Hall...

    Meet the OTHER Harry Hall...


    My name is Holly Hall I am 7, and I have a four-year-old brother called…  Harry Hall! We live in Hertfordshire and we are very proud to be supported by Harry Hall the leading equestrian website this year! (It is rather a perfect fit isn’t it?!) We both wear Harry Hall jodhpurs to ride, as they are so comfortable and we love the colours and designs. My favourite pair has horses running down the legs. My favourite subject at school is English. I love to read and write my own stories. Harry enjoys PE because he loves to run around.

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  4. Win The Cooper Collection

    Win The Cooper Collection


    We're offering you the chance to win the Tottie Cooper Collection worth £135! Simply complete the form below and ensure you like our facebook page for your chance to win! Good luck! 

    Check out the Cooper Collection here.

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  5. 10 Perks of Owning a TB

    10 Perks of Owning a TB


    Thoroughbreds (TB) can be like marmite, most of us love them, whilst there are a handful of people out there that “wouldn’t have one given”. Personally I love them and all the quirks and ‘perks’ (listed) that they come with!...

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  6. Emma Woolley Yard Visit

    Emma Woolley Yard Visit
    Join our FREE harryhall.com yard visit to a leading dressage yard. We are thrilled that Caldene sponsored rider Emma Woolley is to host our next Harryhall.com Yard Visit, at her yard based at Keysoe Equestrian Centre, Bedfordshire on Thursday 29th March from 10.30am to 12.30. A successful dressage rider up to Intermediare 2 level, Emma is best known for training many successful young horses and has won one young horse National title. She also represented GB at the World Young Horse Championships in 2015. She is currently training a very exciting team of horses including 6-year-old Hancock V from my base at WSC Dressage, Keysoe. 
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  7. How To Keep Greys Clean

    How To Keep Greys Clean
    It still seems like the middle of winter, and it’s definitely still what we call the ‘Mud Season’. We are on a clay soil and this time of year the paddocks are like a battle field and full of soft, sticky, squelchy mud. This mud gets everywhere: boots, jods, jackets, gloves but one thing you can’t put in the washing machine is your horse! 
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  8. Win A Masta Avante Rug

    Win A Masta Avante Rug


    We're offering you the chance to win the Masta Avante 300g Stable Rug worth £60! Simply complete the form below and ensure you like our facebook page for your chance to win! Good luck! 

    Check out the Avante Rug here.

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  9. Tom McEwen Yard Visit

    Tom McEwen Yard Visit


    Tom McEwen is a top-class event rider with his sights firmly set on selection for the British Team at the World Equestrian Games in the USA this summer. He’s sponsored by Masta, a harryhall.com brand. 16 lucky ticket winners were able to watch him school his top horse Toledo de Kerser, jump a younger horse, and tour his yard meeting his string, his staff and seeing what helps Team McEwen a winning one.

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  10. Strength and Staying Sane

    Strength and Staying Sane


    Like everyone, Harry Hall Ambassador Milly Dove has been forced to give her horses less turnout lately, but she’s also working towards her competition goals for the year

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  11. Mares or Geldings

    Mares or Geldings


    Hey, I am super excited to be a part of the Tottie team this year, so a little about me. I am Hannah, I am 22 years old and I am a mental health nurse. I have been riding since I could walk and find myself doing a mixture of everything from stressage to jumping to hacking. I have three lovely horses shared between my mum and sister. 

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  12. Training Tips - Olivia Wilmot

    Training Tips - Olivia Wilmot


    Hello everyone sorry this has been a very over due update. The last few months have been a total whirlwind and all emotions have been experienced with so much going on and so many changes. Firstly Hunter was born. He arrived a week late but all was well. I managed to start back riding when Hunter was 17 days old (one day longer than after I had Hamish) but I had definitely lost a lot more fitness and muscle strength which I noticed particularly when I rode Zebedee as he’s much bouncier!

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