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Harry Hall London Blog

  1. What Horses Mean to Me

    What Horses Mean to Me

    Harry Hall sponsored rider and equestrian estate agent Liz Langford kindly agreed to put pen to paper and write this week’s guest blog. As horse owners, we can appreciate that horses mean more to us than words allow, in this blog, Liz will try to sum up how her beloved horse Gizmo has changed her life.

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  2. 10 ways to beat the January blues

    10 ways to beat the January blues

    January can be pants - fact! As horse riders we start to get bored of the short days, dark nights and not forgetting the wet and windy weather, if you're feeling blue about January then have a read of this blog and see if you can make some small changes which will help keep you smiling.

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  3. Harry Hall Christmas Guide

    Harry Hall Christmas Guide

    Welcome to the Harry Hall equestrian Christmas blog.

    We’ve done the budget so what about the blow out? Black Friday was a chance for us all to grab a bargain, it was great hearing how Harry Hall One Club members and equestrians alike were stocking up on yard, rider and horse wear essentials, but what about luxury items you can put on your Christmas list for you and your horse?

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  4. Harry Hall London

    Harry Hall London


    A new, British-made collection that marries 125 years of tailoring tradition with the fresh young creativity of London College of Fashion launches this month. With 125 years of equestrian and sporting tailoring behind it, Harry Hall returns to its roots with a collection of luxurious coats, jackets, and elegant yet functional footwear (made in Portugal).

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