1. Win the Protechmasta Dog Coat

    Win the Protechmasta Dog Coat


    We're offering you the chance to win the Protechmasta Dog Coat! Simply complete the form below and ensure you like our facebook page for your chance to win! Good luck! 

    Check out our pet collection here.

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  2. Win A Masta Avante Rug

    Win A Masta Avante Rug


    We're offering you the chance to win the Masta Avante 300g Stable Rug worth £60! Simply complete the form below and ensure you like our facebook page for your chance to win! Good luck! 

    Check out the Avante Rug here.

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  3. Tom McEwen Yard Visit

    Tom McEwen Yard Visit


    After popular demand we are delighted to bring you another FREE yard visit to top Eventer & Masta Sponsored Rider Tom McEwen's Gatcombe Park Stables on Sunday 18th February?


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  4. Arthritis in Horses

    Arthritis in Horses


    Arthritis is one of the most common ailments for horses, especially older horses and ponies. The condition; where the cartilage of a joint wears down, results in pain (sometimes leading to lameness) and difficulty moving about.  This can most often be recognized with stiffness and swelling around a joint.   Although arthritis cannot be cured, it can often be managed, especially if recognized early.

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  5. Avoid Over-Rugging This Winter

    Avoid Over-Rugging This Winter


    As horse owners some of us are guilty of thinking they can judge how hot or cold their horse is. Here are some classic examples of how we choose and change rugs significantly in the winter months:

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  6. The Science Behind SilverAid

    The Science Behind SilverAid


    New to the Protechmasta collection the SilverAid Leg Wraps have the additional added value of killing bacteria to prevent infection from cuts and abrasions and also bacterial and fungal infections – especially useful for Mud Fever at this time of year.

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  7. A Difference With Protechmasta

    A Difference With Protechmasta


    Angus Corrie-Deane is 18, and a dressage rider with a bright future. A veteran of British pony teams and junior Nations Cup teams, his goals is to make the British Young Rider team in 2018. He recently won the small tour qualifier for his region - so off to nationals at Keysoe shortly.

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  8. 10 Minutes With Jessica Mendoza

    10 Minutes With Jessica Mendoza


    The show jumping  season is year round these days. I am away continuously competing, probably 47 weeks out of the year I’ll be away at a show. So you definitely need a home team helping with the horses. I have 10 horses which is a good number — I’d rather work with 10 really good ones than 20 that are less good — and I have three grooms, one of them a show groom.

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  9. Win a Protechmasta Set

    Win a Protechmasta Set


    Win a Fixed Neck Protechmasta Rug, Poll Guard, 2 sets of Protechmasta Boots and a Saddle Pad with the total prize being worth £365! Our revolutionary Protechmasta range is changing how your horse functions. This brand new innovative rug is scientifically designed to enhance your horse's performance.

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  10. 10 Things We Learnt With Tom

    10 Things We Learnt With Tom


    On Sunday 15th October, eventer and sponsored rider Tom McEwen hosted 16 guests on a Masta Yard Visit at his wonderful yard in Gatcombe, Glos. Here’s what we learnt..

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  11. Jessica Mendoza Masta Rider

    Jessica Mendoza Masta Rider

    We're delighted to announce that we are now the official rug supplier to leading British Showjumper Jessica Mendoza! Team Mendoza horses will now use Masta rugs as they compete around the international circuit, and Jessica will share Masta’s news with her followers and help the brand new product development feedback.

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  12. Win A Blenheim Bundle

    Win A Blenheim Bundle


    Are you heading to Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials this year and would like the opportunity to walk the famous course with 4* Eventer Lydia Hannon and Bert Bolton on Friday 15th September. In partnership with KSB Equine we have 5 winners to give an amazing bundle of prizes to including a months supply of Immun-Ocean, a years free membership to the Harry Hall One Club and a Masta Protechmasta Poll Guard. The only hard part is picking a friend to join you on the course walk!

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