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Rug Guides

  1. Mane Loss in Horses

    Prevent mane loss in horses


    Mane loss in horses is a real issue for a lot of horse owners during the winter months and so we set out to try and create a rug that helped prevent mane loss, now you can wave goodbye to having half a mane to plait and join our #nomorebadhairdays revolution.


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  2. Meet One Club Member Karen

    One Club Member Karen


    In our September instalment of "meet a One Club member" we meet Karen Slade as she introduces her herd and explains how 2020 has been full of exciting changes. It seems like an age ago when I agreed to write the ‘meet the One Club member’ blog for September, in fact, I think we were barely thinking about a global pandemic when I did.

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  3. Over rugging: A Rugging Guide

    Over rugging: A Rugging Guide


    I find myself constantly wondering what rug to put on my mare Ruby who is a chunky cob.  I prefer having her in the lightest rugs possible and can see how easy it would be to over-rug, thinking it would be better to keep your horse warm than let them get cold. The biggest issue can be chilly mornings and warmer days, the horse may then sweat under the thick rug that was put on in the morning as you whizzed off to work. 

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