1. XC Schooling

    XC Schooling


    This year I have had the opportunity to take two inexperienced horses cross country (XC) schooling, this blog describes all about introducing a horse to the different elements of xc and what to expect!

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  2. Wildwash - Why Use Natural?

    Wildwash - Why Use Natural?


    Just like human skin and hair, a dog’s skin and coat responds better when a natural product is used. Natural products promote a healthy, hydrated skin and coat, whereas shampoos containing chemicals can cause dry itchy, scaly skin with poor hair quality, lacking moisture and shine. Also, we should remember that dogs and cats are not able to shampoo themselves! Any product used on our pets also comes into contact with our skin. The damage that cheap chemically made pet shampoos can be evidenced by looking at the professionals, i.e. dog groomers and bathers who will wash up to 12 dogs a day.

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  3. A Day at Hope Pastures Rescue

    A Day at Hope Pastures Rescue


    Being a Tottie Brand Ambassador isn’t just about me me me, we love and care about all horses so I decided to take a trip to Hope Pasture Rescue in Leeds, and find out more about it, you may have caught my Tottie snapchat takeover from there. Follow Tottieclothing on Snapchat to catch all the girl’s takeovers as we do them, we answer all your questions too!

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  4. Orscana



    Orscana offers you the deepest insight into your horses world. This connecting sensor hangs underneath all rug types just above the hollow of the horses hip, allowing you the ability to monitor all aspects of your horses wellbeing. Orscana analyses a range of movements, temperature underneath the rug and moisture levels. This innovative technology is able to advise you which type of rug would most benefit your horse, whilst taking into account the weather and your horses general wellbeing. 

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  5. Ellie and Honour Tights Review

    Ellie and Honour Tights Review


    So, two of Tottie’s latest new products have been a big hit with us Tottie Girls and within the Tottie Fan community as well as further afield.  It is obvious as to why that is too!  I personally have both of these products and in this blog, I will be guiding you through the details of each pair then if you have not yet got your own or persuaded someone to buy some for you, hopefully this will be able to change that!

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  6. Wildwash



    WildWash has been developed to satisfy a genuine need in the market for truly natural shampoos and cosmetics for pets. As professionals we have spent years slowly and patiently developing a natural line of pet shampoos and cosmetics that we believe to be the best in the world. We have collaborated with and sought advise and opinions from other professionals and have identified specifically what is required within a product range to be the ultimate, perfect pet care products.  

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  7. I’m On A High

    I’m On A High


    Masta sponsored event rider Tom McEwen looks back on a brilliant Badminton result, and explains how small changes can help give a competitive edge.


    Having just completed Mitsubishi Motors Badminton and Chatsworth on back to back weekends, it’s safe to say I’m on a high!

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  8. Immun Ocean

    Immun Ocean


    The Immun-Ocean range of Irish macro algae horse supplements are performance supplements for the modern horse. They are 100% natural and are Irish sourced and produced. From breeding stock to performance horses, Immun-Ocean brings results. Powered by Irish goodness. Continue reading to find out more about what professional riders and customers have to say...


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  9. Veterinary Nursing

    Veterinary Nursing


    Veterinary nursing seems to be a a popular career choice for many young equestrians. A lot of people I work with/know either have horses or are interested in riding. On Instagram especially I get asked a lot of similar questions as to what qualifications you need, how I got my training placement and what it is actually like working as a veterinary nurse. So I thought I would put a blog together on the most frequent questions I am asked and hopefully if you're thinking about the career route then this will help you!

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  10. Verm-X



    Verm-X and its makers have received many awards for its efforts in producing natural products to support the welfare of animals, including approval by Organic Farmers and Growers, the Ethical Award from the Ethical Company Organisation, the Green Apple Awards in Agriculture and Farming, Somerset Business of the Year and is certified by the British Association of Holistic and Natural Medicines.  Read on to find out why... 

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  11. Being A Select Girl

    Being A Select Girl


    Hey everyone! Welcome to Aprils blog, a quick diary entry about what I’ve been getting up to recently and an inside look at being a Tottie Select 17 girl. I’ve been super busy this year already with Tottie, University applications and general horsey adventures and things are thankfully beginning to fall into place for me, which is crazy exciting! I can’t wait to let you all know, continue to read on if you want a peek into what I’ve been up to.

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  12. The Face of Tottie

    The Face of Tottie


    Tottie is launching something new for 2017. We are looking for the brand new faces of Tottie. In 2015 we launched our Tottie Select Brand Ambassador Programme, and now we’re opening the search for something different. We need five girls who want to wear and take photos of their Tottie clothing. If you’re interested, then read the requirements below and request your application form today.

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