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  1. Top Tips to Beat The Heat

    Top Tips to Beat The Heat

    Sweltering summer heat is more than just very uncomfortable for your horse. It's as much a health hazard for your horse as it is for you. Young, old or ill horses are least equipped to deal with extreme heat. But if you don't manage your healthy adult horse, he could easily get into trouble, too, with dehydration, weakness, colic, poor exercise tolerance-even heatstroke.

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  2. Becoming A Professional Rider

    Becoming A Professional Rider


    So many of us dream of doing it — Harry Hall Ambassador Sara-Jane Lanning has actually done it. So what skills and business strands do you need to make a living out of horses? Hello everyone! I’m Sara, a dressage rider, trainer and British Dressage(BD) judge from Hampshire. I started riding when I was 11 and have been hooked ever since. Over the last 30 years (yes, I’m old!) I have been involved with various equestrian disciplines.

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  3. Time to Regroup my String

    Time to Regroup my String


    Masta sponsored rider Jessica Mendoza has enjoyed good weather and good business in Florida over the winter. Here she discusses her plans for the European summer season. I’ve been back at my base in Eindhoven in the Netherlands now for a while after spending three months over the winter in Wellington, Florida, and jumping there. It gives me three months of winter sunshine — it was about 25 to 30 degrees C over there so more fly mask than rug weather.

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  4. Samantha Murray - Yard Visit

    Samantha Murray - Yard Visit


    Would you like to meet an Olympic silver medallist modern pentathlete and her show jumping trainer? Now is your chance! Harryhall.com is proud to support full time athlete and two-time Olympian Samantha Murray. And she has kindly agreed to host a Harry Hall Yard Visit on Weds 13th June from 9.30 to 11.30am.

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  5. Jennie Loriston-Clarke Yard Visit

    Jennie Loriston-Clarke Yard Visit


    We are thrilled that dressage legend Jennie Loriston-Clarke and her family will host a Harry Hall Yard Visit at the legendary Catherston Stud on Saturday 2nd June

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  6. Why Devon Riders Are Tough

    Why Devon Riders Are Tough


    Harry Hall Ambassador Theo Funnell is longing to go eventing, having knuckled down through a bitter Devon winter... Well what a winter it has been... and we don't seem to be out of it yet... all our plans for our youngster Mac's first proper British Eventing (BE) eventing season keep getting scuppered! We were planning on doing Moreton BE80, Then Portman BE90, before doing Bicton BE90. Our favourite local event centre has been closed for a long time due to strangles, then the snow, and then Mac had an abscess... so not has not been chance to practise show jumping much as we had hoped.

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  7. Gastric Ulcers

    Gastric Ulcers


    Up to 1 in 3 horses suffer from equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS). Here we talk about what they are, and how we deal with them.

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  8. Introducing Naomi and Hallie...

    Introducing Naomi and Hallie...


    Hi! I’m Naomi Oliver, aged 7, and this is my pony Hallie. She’s an 8 year old Dartmoor Hill Pony – and the prettiest pony I’ve ever seen! We bought Hallie a year ago as a second pony for me, but as she hadn't done much, had never competed, and had been out of work for over a year she has turned to be quite green and mischievous! We've done lots of different things over the last year, but about 6 months ago we did our first dressage test and loved it!  Since then we have been focusing on dressage and made good progress qualifying for some great shows.

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  9. Why Riders Need Resilience

    Why Riders Need Resilience


    Fionnuala Stott, a mum, optometrist and amateur eventer from Cheshire and new Harry Hall Ambassador, tells us why she’s horse-addicted despite the heartache

    I never thought I would see the day I would be asked to write a blog. I was the child who hated English in school and would never read a book, but I have to say writing about a subject I am passionate about is different, so here goes.

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  10. Five Tips For First Time Eventers

    Five Tips For First Time Eventers


    As Harry Hall Ambassador Ella Lucas starts her second season of British Eventing, she shares five biggest things she learnt as a newbie last year 

    Beyond regaining feeling in my fingers, one of my favourite things about spring is of course the event season beginning (hooray!). Last year was my first full year as an affiliated British Eventing (BE) member, and so I thought I would share with you my top tips and things I learned along the way for anybody starting out this year.

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  11. Overrugging: A Rugging Guide

    Overrugging: A Rugging Guide


    Now Spring is here I find myself constantly wondering what rug to put on Ruby who is a chunky cob.  I always believe in having her in the lightest of rugs possible, but can see how easy it would be to over-rug, thinking it would be better to keep your horse warm than let it get cold. The biggest issue at this time of year is that mornings are quite chilly but as the day warms up the horse may then sweat under the thick rug that was put on in the morning. 

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  12. 5 Things We Learnt This Winter

    5 Things We Learnt This Winter


    Winters are always tough in Ireland but this last one especially so. Harry Hall Ambassador, show jumper and teacher Jessica Burke explains what this last one has taught her...

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