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  1. Your Black Friday Equestrian Guide

    Your Black Friday Equestrian Guide

    Black Friday. It comes around quicker than your aunt Ethel can knit her Christmas scarves and gets bigger every year. As part of Harry Hall’s commitment to bring you the best products at affordable prices we’ve put together our Black Friday equestrian guide so you know which bargains to head for first. From Black Friday horse rugs to rider clothing, footwear and horse accessories there’s something for everyone in the Harry Hall Black Friday equestrian sale.


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  2. Riding Safely on the Roads

    Riding Safely on the Roads

    How do you keep safe out on the roads? Our roads get busier every year and campaign group Better Transport recently reported that over the last 20 years there has been a 47% increase in traffic on the roads. Limited access to bridleways or route restrictions often mean riding on a busy road is unavoidable. There are many things you can do to make yourself feel safer when out and about:

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  3. Indoor Dressage Season

    Indoor Dressage Season

    Preparing for the indoor dressage season

    Before we know it, many dressage competitions will be moving inside, and the winter season will be in full swing. It’s a different beast to outdoor dressage and can bring its own challenges. Here are 12 things to consider before you venture indoors for the first time this season:


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  4. Worming Horses - How Often

    Worming Horses - How Often

    Harry Hall One Club members can access 16 additional benefits with their membership. These benefits include money off events, discounts on therapy system, arena mirrors, trailer hire, personalised gifts, brownies, magazine subscriptions and horse wormers.


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  5. Meet A One Club Member

    Meet A One Club Member

    It’s time to hear from a Harry Hall One Club member again and this week we spoke to Emma, Maisie Lester’s mum, to hear about how Maisie got into riding and her hopes for the future.


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  6. How do you retrain an ex race horse?

    How do you retrain an ex race horse?

    Thoroughbreds are a versatile breed and after racing, many go on to have successful careers in eventing, dressage, show jumping and as pleasure horses.

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  7. Getting a Companion Pony

    Getting a Companion Pony

    If your horse or pony is used to living in a herd and circumstances mean a new home with less friends is around the corner, you may want to consider getting a companion horse or pony.

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  8. One Club Member Dakota

    One Club Member Dakota

    As we continue to celebrate the introduction of vet fees and horse trailer insurance at Harry Hall, we hear from One Club members of all ages to hear what drives them, their dreams and aspirations.


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  9. Pony Club Memories

    Pony Club Memories

    This year The Pony Club turns 90 years old and to celebrate Harry Hall employees grabbed a coffee to reminisce on golden Pony Club memories. If you have memories of late-night story telling in a cramped and slightly smelly stable with your pony club mates or attempting mounted games on your dressage pony – read on!


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  10. Cantering horses on hard ground

    Cantering horses on hard ground

    In the winter months we worry about splodging through the mud, in the summer we worry about lack of mud. Makes sense hey? The life of a horse owner is a constant rollercoaster of checking the weather, stamping on the ground and checking the grass coverage, in this blog we explore how you can deal with the hard ground to avoid injuries and mishaps:


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  11. One Club Member Bex

    One Club Member Bex

    Harry Hall One Club members are at the heart of everything we do at Harry Hall so we’re pleased to introduce our monthly members blog, and this month we met One Club member Bex Hallewell Hayward and her horse Atia:

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  12. Horse Trailer Insurance

    Horse Trailer Insurance

    You may have seen that last week Harry Hall launched an exciting new product in the form of horse trailer insurance. This new policy has been launched as an addition to the Harry Hall rider insurance scheme and when looking to launch horse trailer insurance our research confirmed it’s an insurance policy worth having. Find out more below:


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