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  1. Work Your Socks Off

    Work Your Socks Off

    Work Your Socks Off

    Rosie and I meet huddled over a cup of coffee in a farmhouse kitchen in Yorkshire and I’m intrigued to find out how she ended up here after leaving Poland 10 years ago. “Well when a great opportunity comes about you take it right?” Carry on Rosie, I’m intrigued…

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  2. You want to work with horses?

    You want to work with horses?

    The Stigma Associated with Equestrian Careers 

    I could write a list as long as my arm on the uneducated comments I’ve heard and received in the years I’ve been working with and studying horses. Horses are my passion, hobby and career and I’m proud to work in the equine industry, if you’ve ever heard any of the below comments then this blog is for you!


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  3. Public Liability Insurance - Why do I need this?

    Public Liability Insurance - Why do I need this?

     A Benefit of the Harry Hall One Club - Why Public Liability Insurance for horse riders is a must have.


    Harry Hall One Club membership gives horse riders and owners 30% discount all year on well-known equestrian brands Harry Hall, Masta, Tottie, Caldene, Woof Masta and Cottage Craft. Additional benefits of joining the Harry Hall One Club include £10million public liability insurance, £10,000 personal accident insurance and free delivery all year with no minimum spend. Once a month we also give members of The Harry Hall One Club the chance to win back the value of their shopping basket.

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  4. Getting Back on Track

    Getting Back on Track


    After 6 months of bad luck for me and Robbie with injury and illness we are finally getting back on track (fingers crossed). Luckily Robbie coped amazing whilst out of work and bringing him back into work. We started coming back into work with some light hacking, some horses would have really struggled starting with hacking but knowing Robbie this was the right thing for him. Schooling, pole work building up to jumping again.  Building up Robbie’s fitness again we did lots of hacking with hills and canter work.

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  5. Tips for Gaining Confidence

    Tips for Gaining Confidence


    Hi everyone! This month I thought I’d share some of the best ways I’ve found to gain confidence when riding, particularly after a nasty fall! My advice will mainly be specific to jumping, as that’s where I tend to get most nervous, but the core ideas should be adaptable to whatever you find most scary.

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  6. Exam Revision Tips

    Exam Revision Tips


    Like many of you, I have exams coming up in the summer. I am sitting my A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Here are 5 tips, I have learnt throughout my exam journey…

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  7. Carriage Driving

    Carriage Driving


    Hi everyone…So for me carriage driving is a way of life, I work with driving horses and have my own. I truly love this sport. I turned to carriage driving after my dreaded work experience week, thankfully mine turned into what is now my hobby. 

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  8. Show Ring Hacks

    Show Ring Hacks


    Whether you’re showing, eventing, dressaging or just want to look your best, theses are a few tips I swear by that save time and money (and tears!)

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  9. Kirsty - Diary Entry

    Kirsty - Diary Entry


    It's coming up to the end of April and I can quite happily say that I am pleased with what I have achieved so far this year with the pony. Ruby and I have been having weekly lessons and I feel like I have learned to jump again, in the short space of 4 months I have grown so much in confidence and ruby has grown in muscle and technique!

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  10. Managing School and Horses

    Managing School and Horses


    By the time you read this, many of you will be part of the way through your GCSEs or A-levels. Having done my GCSEs last year I can really sympathise with you, it is really tough, but I know that my horses helped to keep me sane during this difficult time.

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  11. Loaning In’s and Out’s

    Loaning In’s and Out’s


    Loaning is something the horse world sometimes overlooks, many of us jumping straight in and buying, others fear loaning their horse to the wrong person. Like with anything there are negative experiences and it may not be for everyone but loaning a horse is certainly something you should consider when looking to find your perfect friend or when having to make the decision to say goodbye. Whether you’re an owner or loaner read on to find out all the ins and outs.

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  12. 10 Types of Horse on a Yard

    10 Types of Horse on a Yard


    As the owner of 6 horses and a yard owner myself, I’ve come across a huge variety of horses on my yard and also from previous experiences! I’m very blessed to have a group of lovely horses on my yard, however it’s amazing how much their personalities differ! 

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