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  1. New Year, New Discipline

    New Year, New Discipline


    New year, new me so they say! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New year! Since I was young I have always wanted to get into eventing. The thrill of cross country, precision of dressage and balance of show jumping made it something I’ve always inspired to be a part of. I suppose at the grand old age of 21 I better start chasing my dreams! Read on to find out how I plan to get benny (and myself) fit for eventing and some of my top tips if you want to change your discipline too!

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  2. Twisted Shoes and Livery Yards

    Twisted Shoes and Livery Yards


    2017 was packed full of incredible highs and horrible lows! Whether it be horses, competing or normal life it’s been a strange year! It started off great with my then 5 year old ex-racehorse Frosty the Snowman was adapting great to his new career after being off the track only 3 months. We completed our first one day event together where he was just out of the top 10 placing’s by 0.01 of a point! He steamed round the XC and flicked his toes in the dressage ring and well we just about got round the showjumping!!

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  3. The ‘Perfect’ Jumping Photo

    The ‘Perfect’ Jumping Photo


    Photography has always been a huge passion of mine and the ‘perfect’ shot is what all us photographers dream to achieve. But what does make the perfect shot? For me its all about capturing that special memory, for others it may be getting the angle correct this time and yet for someone else it may be something completely different. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ making photography a very unique and creative process. This blog is all about achieving the ‘perfect’  jump shot , without necessarily needing all the top gear!

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  4. A Very Horsey Christmas

    A Very Horsey Christmas


    It’s my favourite time of the year, filled with family gatherings, markets, tree hunting and that “festive” smell. Yes, it’s Christmas! I’m so excited for this year’s Christmas, every year it just seems to be getting better and I love helping my parents get my younger siblings presents ready on Christmas Eve (aka my birthday!). We can’t forget one huge part of our lives at Christmas – our pets, mainly our horses! I always struggle for ideas what to get Benny, but I’ve comprised a list below that should give you (and me) some festive ideas!

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  5. Top Tips for Staying Warm

    Top Tips for Staying Warm


    Winter is now upon us, for us equestrians it’s a long few months of cold and wet mornings mucking out and filling heavy hay nets. This means battling with hands and feet like ice cubes, chilly thighs, windblown ears and maybe even some snowy day and therefore snow shoes in the horse’s hooves. Some have better facilities than others to cope with these harsh conditions, but no one is immune to the icy chill. So here I have put together my top tips to help everyone through these short days but long months.

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  6. Goodbye My Friends

    Goodbye My Friends


    It’s been 2 ½ years since I first became involved with Tottie and what an amazing 2 ½ years they’ve been!  It all started when I entered a Facebook competition to meet the designers at Tottie HQ in Leeds.  I had an amazing day finding out about the new lines, what the designers were trying out and giving my opinion (of course).  I remember being adamant that Tottie girls love bright colour and loving that Tottie’s designs meant they could wear their outfits away from the stable yard too.  I really felt like I clicked with what Tottie was trying to do, so I was over the moon when Sami asked me to blog for them, I love writing and sharing my adventures with Tottie fans was perfect for me.

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  7. The World’s Against Me

    The World’s Against Me


    Apart from it being my birthday and Christmas, November/December is not my time of year. This time last year is when I first started to notice that Suzie wasn’t feeling quite right and now Ruby has gone lame too! With plans failing, shows having to be cancelled and horses going lame left right and centre, I got a comment on my instagram saying “I swear the world is against you at the moment!” and that got me thinking: has anything good happened because of everything going wrong? I’m a big believer in everything happening for a reason and surely this can’t be an exception.

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  8. 5 Signs Winter Is Here!

    5 Signs Winter Is Here!


    Now that winter has arrived the fun of competing all summer, beach trips, playing around XC, riding till 7 at night with no lights need and wearing t-shits has end! 

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  9. The Equine Bucket List

    The Equine Bucket List


    When owning (or loaning) a horse there are some things that you just HAVE to do, like they’re a right of passage in to the equestrian world. We all have goals we want to reach and tasks we want to accomplish but here is my ultimate Equine Bucket List!

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  10. Buying Your First Horse

    Buying Your First Horse


    Looking to take on your first horse can be a very exciting time but it can be a roller coaster of other emotions too. Before you take the leap of faith there are a lot of things to take into consideration, including costs, suitability, compromises and the big responsibility. I have just taken on my first horse so here I have put together a guide to help you out, this includes all my thought processes and some extra things to consider…there was more to it than I realised!

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  11. The Non Horsey Helper

    The Non Horsey Helper


    Friend, partner or parent we all know that someone who loves to help but ends up being more of a hindrance than a helping hand. Your probably thinking of that someone right now and they’ve probably never touched a horse before they met you right?  Now it is possible to almost convert them and although it takes time it can be done. My boyfriend ended up being very helpful in the end so these points are said with a light heart, and mean no offence to anyone. The truth is we would probably struggle without them but don’t tell them.

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  12. Don't Own Your Own? No Probs...

    Don't Own Your Own? No Probs...


    When people first hear that you are an equestrian they instantly jump to the conclusion that you must own your own horse or pony to be able to go out competing. Although this, in most cases, may be true, it is possible to get out and about without owning your own and just being the rider.  If you put yourself out there in the right way, you may find that people contact you or you could even advertise yourself as looking for a stead to bring on and take out. How do I know this? Well, this is exactly what happened to me.

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