1. Mares In Season

    Mares In Season


    As many of you will know, I love mares. However when the springtime comes around there's one thing that all of us mare owners don't look forward to; the dreaded seasons. They cause many things such as bucking, rearing, kicking and napping which can be hard to handle. It's easy to just think that your mare is just grumpy and being naughty but there's sometimes more to it as well. Here are my top tips on how to deal with your moody mare!

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  2. Summer Vibes

    Summer Vibes


    Summer calls for lots of days out so I thought I’d share a few ideas to get you started! A little bit of a different blog from most of the tottie blogs but I hope it’s equally as useful and interesting.  Planning what to do in summer for me is quite exciting however I do only get 3 week off with my paramedic science course at uni so im going to cram as much in as I can, and hopefully catch a tan while out on shift!  Summer does not have to be expensive either, a chilled out picnic with friends can be just as amazing as trip away!

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  3. How Important is Equine Physio?

    How Important is Equine Physio?


    I know that in the horsey world opinions can be divided about what is right and most beneficial for the horse or what you should and should not do.  I think many of you would agree that this can cause some conflict at times when it really is not needed.  Equine Physiotherapy is an aspect of horse care which is generally overlooked or is seen as a luxury rather than a necessity.  I would just like to share with you some reasons why people do truly see this as a must in their equine's health care programme.

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  4. Summer Clothing

    Summer Clothing


    With summer in full fling and the holidays not far behind, now is the time to stock up on summer clothing and ditch this winter woolies. I love clothing that can be worn for more than one activity. There are some perfect examples of clothing in the Tottie range that you can wear whether your riding, going on holiday, out with friends or exercising. I thought I would share with you’s some of my favourite summer clothing from Tottie and when is best to wear it. Then you can make your decision on what summer essentials you want.

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  5. 101(5) Ways To School A Horse

    101(5) Ways To School A Horse


    Young horses tend to make it very clear when they get bored, and by this I mean creating shapes that no mathematician has ever seen. Sprout was one of these, so I set up a series of exercises, both on the flat and over fences, each week to keep his mind occupied. I thought I’d share a few with you this month to keep your partners in top mental health. I have also attached the amount of poles and jumps needed for each exercise, so they can be tailored to your surroundings.

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  6. Summer Time Madness

    Summer Time Madness


    Wow! This summer has already kicked off to a great start! It’s been a long year at university and, between classes and Ben, I’ve been super busy. We’ve been to shows, I’ve completed my final assignments and exams, we’ve been training hard and finally, we have sprung into summer! I’m so excited for this summer, I have so many plans, both horsey and non-horsey, and I can’t wait to get some awesome photos and blogs for you guys! Read on to find out what we’ve been up to and what we will be taking on.

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  7. Summer Lovin'

    Summer Lovin'


    Ahh finally, the summer months have arrived! The long awaited blue skies, glorious temperatures and lighter evenings are upon us. For many of us equestrians, the arrival of summer means endless hours spent up the yard and in the saddle, I mean we deserve it, the winters with horses are rough! In this months blog I am going to highlight the ups and downs of summer and how to tackle some of the problems that arrive with the warmer weather.

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  8. Be Safe, Be Seen

    Be Safe, Be Seen


    Summer is almost upon us; the evenings are drawing out and it’s finally starting to warm up. We all know that extra layers whilst riding can be far too hot in the warmer weather and not to mention bulky, but losing the hi viz layer is not the answer. High visibility clothing is an essential for you and your horse to wear all year round and there are many ways to minimise the layers whilst maximising your own safety. Here I’ve included the facts as to why hi viz is so essential and my top tips for summer comfort.

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  9. Showing In Hand

    Showing In Hand


    Most of you will know that I don’t ride due to an old injury, so when I discovered showing in hand I knew it was perfect for me and my pony Paddy who is a 14:2hh gyspy cob, he is stunning with a long flowing mane and tail and white feathers which are a nightmare to clean in winter I must admit!

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  10. Strangles Lockdown

    Strangles Lockdown


    I was looking forward to May.  Katrina and I had an amazing time at BYRDS camp, I realised that I was going to have to work extra hard because there were so many talented horses and riders there and I was ready to really get going with loads of exciting things.  We had our Area Festivals planned, a dressage to music clinic, team selection was due and I was excited to be doing more jumping ready for BS club in the summer. 

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  11. Jaffa: My First and Forever Pony

    Jaffa: My First and Forever Pony


    First ponies, the ones that make you and quite possibly break you (a few times). They filled your childhood with laughs, tantrums and adventures. They taught you persistence, courage and how to love. Whether fluffy balls of stubbornness or perfectly behaved shiny show ponies , they will be a part of your heart forever.  The decision on when to move on can be challenging, some of us sell to another pony mad little person and some of us give them a forever home. There are pro’s and con’s to both,  believe me,  loving a grumpy retired ginger fluff ball is not always fun and games! 

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  12. A Day at Hope Pastures Rescue

    A Day at Hope Pastures Rescue


    Being a Tottie Brand Ambassador isn’t just about me me me, we love and care about all horses so I decided to take a trip to Hope Pasture Rescue in Leeds, and find out more about it, you may have caught my Tottie snapchat takeover from there. Follow Tottieclothing on Snapchat to catch all the girl’s takeovers as we do them, we answer all your questions too!

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