1. 10 Of The Worst Saddle Scenarios

    10 Of The Worst Saddle Scenarios
    So we all love our horses, and we love riding and we love everything that goes along with it... Ok, maybe not. There are *alot* of things not to like about the whole horsey lifestyle, both in and out of the saddle. We've picked our top 10 worst saddle scenarios which we could totally live without to be honest - but it's all part of the parcel right? Try to remember that next time you're mucking out in the pouring rain. It's all worth it... 

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  2. An Awful Experience

    An Awful Experience


    Colic is quite a well known illness that occurs in horses. It is to do with the horse’s digestive tract. There a couple of different types of colic. Spasmodic Colic: This is where gas fills in the digestive system and causes a huge amount of pressure, making it very painful. The most dangerous type of colic where the digestive tract twists. This causes extreme amounts of abdominal pain for the horse and is the hardest to treat. Treating gaseous spasmodic colic is simply like popping a balloon to let the extra gas out but can still be a risky operation.

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  3. 10 Ways To Annoy Your Instructor

    10 Ways To Annoy Your Instructor


    Ok so fess up, how many of these things are you guilty of?  We all do these from time to time but if you’re a repeat offender then it’s quite possible that your riding instructor hates you. Not because you’re a bad person, just because you’re super annoying. So, here it is, our list of the top 10 ways to straight up annoy the life out of your riding instructor. Can you relate?

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  4. Top Tips For Equine Photography

    Top Tips For Equine Photography


    With summer now upon us we all want a gorgeous sunset photo of our horses to share on Instagram or Facebook, but capturing this dream image can be a lot easier said than done. Having the right equipment does help and make things a little easier but not everyone has access to a fancy camera and all the lenses to go with it. So here I’ve put together my top tips for getting that perfect shot, in a variety of locations, whether you have an SLR camera or just your regular smart phone.

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  5. Things Equestrians Love to Hate

    Things Equestrians Love to Hate


    Being horsey has its ups and downs, some we love and some we hate… but here are a million and one things that we love to hate about being an equestrian!


    • Arms that rival most body builders; hauling bales of straw and heavy feed bags gets those former noddle arms big and bulky. “Do you need a lift out to your car?” no thanks… I’ve got this!

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  6. Things That Shine

    Things That Shine


    Hi folks! So, this isn’t going to be my usual type of blog but I believe it is something that is incredibly important to write about. That something is bullying. I am all too aware that bullying occurs both online and offline in both the equestrian community and everyday life. I hope that in reading this blog you know you are not alone and maybe I can even help you to deal with bullying you may be experiencing or helping someone who is being bullied.

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  7. Tottie On Tour

    Tottie On Tour


    Do you have that one favourite piece of clothing or an outfit that you take up any opportunity you get to wear it? Well I certainly do and any bets you sure do too!  This summer is the time for travelling so it's a perfect opportunity to whisk your favourite items away on a relaxing summer holiday.  Seen as Tottie Clothing is so versatile and fit for more than just horse riding, it is the exact piece to accompany you on your travels as well as during your everyday lives.

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  8. Trip to Bramham

    Trip to Bramham


    Bramham  is a yearly run 3* international horse trials based in Leeds, Yorkshire. With it being a short drive from my house I've been going for at least one day for a few years now.  This year due to shifts and money I decided just to go for the XC day and it was fantastic! I arrived about 9am with the intention to take lots of photos and I was doing a Tottie clothing snapchat takeover of the day , which I hope you all enjoyed! Unfortunately it was a very wet morning but nothing a new baseball hat couldn't fix! Im just glad i opted for two plaits instead of straight hair! 

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  9. A Beginners guide to BSJA

    A Beginners guide to BSJA


    Going affiliated, no matter what discipline, can be confusing. Not only are competitions more serious, with more full up and technical courses, but there are also all sorts of new rules and point systems! In showjumping the class names also go from just the height to strange things like British Novice, Discovery, Newcomers and Foxhunter. It can be hard at first to know what classes you want to do and if like me you have a horse who already has points then what classes you're allowed to do. So here are the basics in what you need to know about when affiliating in showjumping!

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  10. The (few) positives of box rest!

    The (few) positives of box rest!


    I’m sure at some point in owning a horse we will all hear the dreaded words from the vet ‘box rest’! However we should try and make to most of the free time from not riding and competing and make our horses comfortable and happy! Here are a few ways to make your horses (and your own) time on box rest a bit more bearable! (These will all depend on the reason your horse is on box rest, speak to your vet for advice if unsure).

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  11. Staying Cool In Summer

    Staying Cool In Summer


    We all love the heat, right? The week I am writing this blog I’m pretty sure the temperature hasn’t dropped below 28 degrees! While it is great for us when we want nothing more than to lounge about and top up our tans (or in my case – get more freckles), our horses might not appreciate the sun as much. I’ve been doing a bit of research (and pinterest-ing) to find out the best solutions for our horses and ourselves as riders during the heat!

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  12. Relocation, Relocation

    Relocation, Relocation


    This time a year ago I was living 250 miles north, in a city environment, no fears about moving into 6th form. One year later, I'm living in South Devon, a mile from the nearest road, with my horses in my garden. Its safe to say that I didn't go without a fuss, but it was a move that I’m glad I made! Travelling Sprout down was difficult, he doesn't travel well anyway, so a 7 hour lorry journey was not fun for him. I thought I’d share some tips for tricky loaders/travellers this month, in the hope that it helps people.

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