1. The Best Pair Of Breeches

    The Best Pair Of Breeches


    Breeches (or jodhpurs) are an essential piece of riding kit. Whether you showjump, play polo, do dressage or cross country, you need to be dressed in appropriate legwear. When looking for a new pair of breeches, there are certain key things to look for. You want to make sure that you get your money's worth and look great too! Tottie have a huge range of legwear for every equestrian discipline which meet all the criteria; the problem is choosing which one to buy!! (Getting all of them sounds good to me!)

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  2. Coping With Exam Season

    Coping With Exam Season


    With upcoming exams for many of us stress levels are slowly rising, and deadlines are worryingly becoming closer. I feel it's a very individual process on how people deal with their emotions and exam prep so I thought i'd include a few of my own ways and research further afield to find some motivational , de-stress techniques to deal with deadlines or even pre-competition nerves! The main aim of this blog is to hopefully inspire you and encourage you to do your best, stay on top of study and smash your exams! 

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  3. Looking Towards The Future

    Looking Towards The Future


    Sometimes in life you are required to make certain sacrifices in order to create that ideal path leading to your future.  It can be a tough decision which, at the time, may feel like the end of the world but with new doors opening it is important that you do what is best for you.  It is only recently that I have experienced this for myself and being honest, I regret the decision but I know that in order to make progress, something had to give.  Unfortunately the time had come to say a small farewell to my beloved loan horse Sebastian.

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  4. Gaining Confidence

    Gaining Confidence


    Whether you're a beginner learning how to ride, or you have been riding for many years but have had a fall recently, gaining confidence can be really hard. Last year I had a massive knock to my confidence over nothing dramatic and finding it again took some time. Eventually with a lot of hard work and encouragement I grew in confidence and learned so much about me and Annie along the way. Now I'm here to help you find your confidence!

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  5. When Your Horse Is Injured

    When Your Horse Is Injured


    We’ve all been there, you spend months prepping for one competitive goal, you spend every waking minute thinking up new ways to desensitise your horse to fluorescent chequerboard fillers, compete with teeth and horse-eating monsters; or whether the farmer will reallllly mind too much if you use his field for extra conditioning work? It does have the perfect gradient after all!

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  6. A Day As An Equine Therapist

    A Day As An Equine Therapist


     Whenever you think of a physiotherapist, I’m sure many of you think also of an equine therapist for whenever your own horse has aches and pains. I’m currently studying Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation at university. This is my final year and I have learnt so many interesting things about the Equine Therapy business. Read on to learn about my semester two daily lessons!

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  7. Intelligent Horsemanship

    Intelligent Horsemanship


    In this blog I'm discussing how I use other training techniques such as Intelligent Horsemanship. IH was created by Monty Roberts after he studied horses natural herd behaviours in the wild. I used intelligent horsemanship to train Jet in tackless riding and teach her to respond to voice commands, it worked so well and our bond has grown stronger and stronger.

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  8. Top Training Tips - Olivia Wilmot

    Top Training Tips - Olivia Wilmot


    The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind and been a bit crazy! I now have 4 weeks until baby no 2 is here. My own stables and arena that are getting built at home are taking shape but things have progressed quicker than anticipated with the sale of my parents house (where my horses are currently based) so my horses are moving into my friends for hopefully only a short time. My parents are moving out this week and after 29 years you can imagine the amount stuff (some junk!) that has been collected.

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  9. Behind The Scenes SS17 Shoot

    Behind The Scenes SS17 Shoot


    At the beginning of January I received the email asking if I would like to model for the Tottie Clothing again for the Spring Summer 17’ range, of course I said yes and quickly cleared my schedule to ensure I wouldn’t miss it! My horse Eddie was also asked to come along after being a perfect model for the Autumn Winter 16/17 shoot last year!

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  10. Benefits of a Non-Horsey Job

    Benefits of a Non-Horsey Job


    Ever since I started riding it was always a dream of mine to be a stable girl and to work on a yard, not necessarily as a career but certainly throughout my teenage years. At the age of 10 I joined a hacking yard located on Exmoor and fell in love with the freedom of hacking, especially across the moors and along the famous North Devon coastline. At the age of 13 my long-standing dream became reality, I was officially an employee on the yard, however 5 years later I am now currently in very different employment.

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  11. 10 Signs You're Dating A Rider

    10 Signs You're Dating A Rider


    They're the love of your life, but you're not theres. Because they have their horse. And now you come to think of it they seem to have a lot of strange quirks which you've accepted without quite understanding. So read on to see how many of these you recognise and how many you wish you didn't. Here's 10 signs you're dating an equestrian...

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  12. Clicker Training

    Clicker Training


    What clicker training is about and teaching your ponies to do tricks…

    Clicker training is so much fun, I love it…

    Firstly before I begin to talk about clicker training, please be aware that clicker training is not for everyone, you will know what you enjoy with your horses and you will know what your horses enjoy the most. I mainly clicker train with Little Alf who is my miniature Shetland pony, the reason I clicker train is because it gives Alfie something to do and it is a great training method and keeps his mind active and finally he seems to enjoy it.

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