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  1. Diary Of Lindenjo Millie Aged 8¾

    Diary Of Lindenjo Millie Aged 8¾


    Name:                                     Millie

    Breed:                                    Irish Setter

    Age:                                        A lady never gives her age

    Chief Occupation:              Family Entertainer and “Bestest Friend” to the human family granddaughter aged 2 ½

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  2. Never Look Back

    Never Look Back


     Name: Franklin

    Breed: Saluki/Greyhound cross

    Age: Four(ish)

    Chief Occupation: Looking for food

    Specialist Subject: Detecting and consuming food


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  3. Awake But Still Snoring

    Awake But Still Snoring


    Name – Puddin

    Breed – Bullmastiff

    Age – 3

    Occupation – Chief bed and sofa tester

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  4. Short Legs, Monster Walk

    Short Legs, Monster Walk


    Name: Reg (after my male human’s Granddad – well I was already given this name by the person that bred me, it was fate you see)

    Age: 18 months 

    Breed: Jack Russell Terrier/Human

    Occupation: Walking the Chiltern Way 

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  5. Ruler Of All He Surveys

    Ruler Of All He Surveys


    Name: Boyce VI

    Age: Two

    Breed: Flatcoated retriever (or distributor, as my father says)

    Occupation: King of Rolvenden

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  6. Small But Opinionated

    Small But Opinionated


    Name: Molly

    Age: Nine-and-a-half months (definitely not old enough to known better)

    Breed: Jack Russell Terrierist

    Specialist subjects: Chewing, shredding, general unruliness

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  7. Ambassadogs Hit Crufts

    Ambassadogs Hit Crufts


    Name: Severus & Lily

    Breed: Brown & black working cocker spaniels

    Age: 3 years old & 1 year old

    Chief Occupation: Sev prefers humans to dogs and loves to swim & to Lily her ball is her life and she loves snuggles.

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  8. Plum Pudding

    Plum Pudding


    Name – Plum Pudding

    Age – 8 months

    Occupation – Rescue dog ambassador, chief mischief maker, flower pot attendant, taste tester.


    Hello everyone!

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  9. The Rapping Cavalier

    The Rapping Cavalier


    Name: “Beebee Mackaness, among others”

    Breed: “Cavalier King Charles Spaniel”

    Age: “Four”

    Chief Occupation: “Working lapdog and human trainer”


    I am Beebee and I rule my house with a fluff-covered paw of iron. Need a masterclass in how to manipulate humans while making them believe they call the shots?

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  10. An Operatic Basset Hound

    An Operatic Basset Hound


    Name: Wellington Watkins

    Breed: Basset hound about town

    Age: Seven

    Chief Occupation: Fox Patrol Colonel-in-Chief, Keenest Nose in London, Bass(et) Baritone

    You know, it’s a bit of luck that I was able to put paw to paper, as it were, today. My mistress keeps warning me that I’m in danger of having my collar felt — for chasing squirrels.

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  11. The Perfect Human?

    The Perfect Human?


    Name: “Pepper Warnes

    Breed: Etonian

    Yes, but what kind of dog are you? “What’s a dog?

    Age: “Three

    Chief Occupation: “Greeter in chief; pre-washer of dishes

    First, introductions. My name is Pepper, and I am an Etonian. 

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  12. Dog Bloggers Sought

    Dog Bloggers Sought


    Could your dog write a blog and win £50s plus of Woofmasta kit?


    Woofmasta is on the hunt for one-off blogs from Britains most characterful dogs — with thank you treats assured for all those chosen.



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