10 Reasons Your Parents Hate You


1. Hay, straw and shavings all over the carpet!


The minute you take your muddy boots off at the front door, you reveal your socks covered in remnants of your horses bed or haynet. However we don’t care as we trail this through the house to the shower, much to out mothers disgust!


2. Early mornings, that’s it, no more Sunday morning lie ins!


More like re-plaiting your pony at 6am as he’s rubbed them all out over night, then spending half an hour trying to get him on the trailer to drive god knows how long, only to end up driving your once clean car down muddy tracks and parking In fields and have to wait around all day for classes to start!


3. That brings us onto the weather!


 Rain or shine, you will be attending every pony club rally or training day going! Not to mention the riding after school in the dark when winter hits!


4. Cost


Everything seems to start at at least £60, farrier, physio, dentist, vet, competition fees, livery, feed, bedding, tack, rugs, extra, oh the extras are endless! And of course, the riding clothes


5. Smells, they are endless.


Manure, urine, bedding, dirt well just horses in general. Those that love horses don’t tend to notice it as much as the non-horsey folk, but when your clean and you bump into someone that’s just been to the yard, you soon understand why your mum always complains!


6. So much stuff!


Lets being with clothes, not just for normal day to day riding, but you need outfits for showing, outfits for showjumping, outfits for cross country! And again the same for your horse. And rugs to suit every possible weather outcome, I’m surprised if there isn’t a rug to wear during a tornado!



7. Horse talk!


You are inundated with talk about riding lessons, what people have been saying at the yard, why they think their pony is better that someone elses, why they think theyre pony is doing something, what they had for tea, you will hear everything!


8. Cost, again!


Had to mention this one again as horses are just a bottomless money pit!



9. Anxiety!


The fear you feel watching them enter the showjumping ring or the cross country start box! Safe to say its best to get someone to video as you’re bound to have your eyes shut the whole time!


10. Hairs in the washer


Rugs, boots, numnahs you name it, all end up in the wash. Then you’re let picking horse hairs out of your clothes for months!


Olivia x