10 Things All Pony Owners Know


Ponies are one of a kind, they all have their individual quirks that make them so special and unique. You can’t beat them, replace them or be without them. No matter how old you are, their little face will always melt your heart and no matter how naughty they are, they will always be forgiven.  After having Jaffa for over 10 years, working with ponies previously and asking you what your pony does I’ve come up with 10 perks to being a pony. If we’re going with this guide then Jaffa is actually the perfect pony…


Escape artists; Electric fence? No problem. 5 rows of post and rail? No problem.  Electric fence, post and rail and even more electric fence? No problem.  No matter how many layers, how high or how low, ponies will always find a way out.

Puppy dog eyes; Ponies have this perfected. Whether you’re new to owning a pony or have had the same one for over 10 years like me , the puppy dog eyes will always work. They work for anything, extra treats, more cuddles, getting out of the cold etc. You’ve been warned.

Little pony syndrome; So you’ve heard of small man or small dog syndrome right? Yep , you’ve got it , ponies have it too! If they play their cards right they will be the boss of the ‘big boys’ in no time. The high pitched squealing and front leg strike , every time a field buddy comes too close ring any bells?

Fat from fresh air; No matter how little you feed, how little grass there is and how much you cut the treats out somehow some ponies literally get fat on fresh air. Or maybe it’s the constant escaping? The grass is always greener on the other side right?

The face of innocence; As pony owners will know this is different from the puppy dog eyes. It’s not ‘ a please mum’ face it’s more of a ‘I would never hurt a fly’, ‘how dare you accuse me of that’ kind of face.  Normally the face they pull after you’ve been dumped into the water jump and have to walk for miles to find your perfect pony.

Treated like a king or queen ; It goes without saying, most ponies are spoilt. The smaller they are the cuter they are, so the more spoilt they are. Growing up your presents become entirely pony related, all your pocket money goes on your pony and even as an adult with a pony somehow you can’t resist that cute sparkly brow band. Can you go to the tack shop without bringing back something? They even do love heart treats now?!

Scared of their own shadow; Yep, they can scare off 17hh hunters in field but a glimpse of a shadow or a piece of long grass and there 5 fields a way before you’ve even had chance to blink. Spooking at speed must be built into ponies DNA , even the slowest of ponies become turbo charged when there’s an out of place grass strand.  

Devils in disguise; The innocent face, the height and the tiny little hooves make any non pony owner/lover melt. No one believes you if you mention anything about misbehaving. “there too cute to bite”, “he won’t run off, look at him” comments etc. You finally give in to letting someone hold them and within seconds there prancing down the yard and your ponies new human friend has a chunk out of their arm and rope burn on their hands. At least you warned them.

Playing up at Pony Club; Every pony favourite pastime, embarrassing their owner in public. They may ride like a dream at home but get them anywhere where there’s a crowd and they will do anything at all possible to make you look like your pony hates you and you can’t ride. Every single pony club rally, training or competition I attempted Jaffa would throw me off at least once. Yet take him out on my own and he’d be a star.

Being perfect; No matter how many times you’re kicked, bitten, thrown off, bolted with, stood on, spent time fixing fence instead of riding, ended up paying other horses vet bills because of your pony’s stallion ways etc it goes without saying that your pony will always be perfect. Your special friend will always have a place in your heart, whether first pony or last pony its these little quirks that make them , well ponies.


I’d love to hear anything you love about your pony, maybe you have a 16hh overgrown pony? Just post in the comments and Ill get back to you as soon as I can. Want to hear more about Jaffas’s antics then just follow my equine instagram @little_ginger_pony.


Thank you for reading,

Meg xxx


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