As the owner of 6 horses and a yard owner myself, I’ve come across a huge variety of horses on my yard and also from previous experiences! I’m very blessed to have a group of lovely horses on my yard, however it’s amazing how much their personalities differ! 


The Yard Clown 

The horse that’s always got his head over the door, nosing what everyone’s doing, got their head into everything and pulling everything off the rug racks and into their stables, then followed by getting their legs stuck in said rugs and still giving you the ‘it wasn’t me’ look! 


The Baby 

The youngster of the yard everyone refers to as the baby! No matter how old they grow they will more than likely always be referred to as ‘baby (insert name here)’ 


The Escapee 

The escapee horses prefer to call themselves the ‘helpers’. As in, I’ll help you turn out, I shall just turn myself out today... or don’t worry about bringing me in today I’ll do it myself, but first I’ll have a little detour around the yard, but don’t worry about me! 


The Hypochondriac 

This always seems to be one of my horses!! The tiniest scratch and their walking on three legs, worrying you to hell, for the vet to tell you to just purple spray it and carry on as normal despite the horses amateur dramatics! 


The Princess

The mares on the yard (sometimes geldings are just as bad!) that are ever so demanding you’d think they’d just won an Oscar! Always want their haynet or feed FIRST! Turns her nose up to Morrison’s apples, and will only eat Waitrose apples... M&S apples at a push if she’s desperate! 


The Crazy One 

Again, this one always seems to be one of mine! The one everyone avoids turning out when they’ve been in due to bad weather. Usually the one squealing and swinging their head around all the way to the field whilst you cling onto the end of the leap rope hoping the field gate isn’t as far away as it looks! 


The Cheeky Pony 

This one gets away with EVERYTHING! Purely because it’s a pony and anything naughty it’s does is just cute! 


The Reliable One 

The horse you can always trust! If you need a companion in the field for a horse, or to help get a spooky horse past the monsters the reliable one is always on hand to provide a calming atmosphere! 


The Scaredy Cat  

Scared of everything that moves, breathes or makes a sound! Even its own shadow can sometimes be very suspicious... 


The Favourite

You shouldn’t have favourites but there’s always one or two you have an extra soft spot for! The one that always get an extra mint or the last carrot in the bag! Again like the ‘cheeky pony’ the ‘favourite’ can do no wrong! 


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Olivia x 



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