10 Ways To Annoy Your Instructor


Ok so fess up, how many of these things are you guilty of?  We all do these from time to time but if you’re a repeat offender then it’s quite possible that your riding instructor hates you. Not because you’re a bad person, just because you’re super annoying. So, here it is, our list of the top 10 ways to straight up annoy the life out of your riding instructor. Can you relate?


Always being late


Everyone is late – it’s just life, but if you’re always late to your lessons then your rider instructor probably hates you. It’s unprofessional, it’s inconsiderate and it just gives off the vibe that you think your time is more important than theirs. It’s not, you’re just rude.


Not being prepared


You turn up for you lesson, it’s about to start and then you spend the next 20 minutes sorting out your kit, adjusting tack, basically doing all those things you should have been doing 20 minutes before the lesson started. Sooo annoying.




Believe it or not, there is reason why you’re the pupil and they’re the teacher. If you argue on every point they try to make, you’re only doing yourself a disservice and wasting your money. Neither of which are particularly helpful.


A goldfish memory


If you turn up to every lesson and can’t remember anything that you practiced last time, you’re just super annoying. They are trying to help you progress but if you can’t remember what you were doing a few days ago, then you’re going to be stuck at a standstill for a long time.


I swear I practised


Ok, so we all do this one. It’s like when you go to the dentist and swear blind that you floss twice a day everyday, even though you know full well you haven’t touched a piece since the last time you were there. But seriously, they can tell you haven’t practised, it’s better to just fess up and do better next week.


Getting naked


You show up wearing 2 base layers, a body protector, a hoodie, a gilet and a sleeping bag – 14 minutes in to the lesson and you have a full body sweat on. If you’re riding right, you know you’re going to get warm, so take those layers off to avoid giving your instructor an annoying mid lesson strip tease.


Effort levels: zero


They get it, you’re tired, you’re hungry, you’ve had a long day, so have they. Just try your best and make the most of the usually short time you have. They can tell when you’re putting in the effort, but still having one of those days. Trust me, they will appreciate you pushing through it.


Teaching yourself


If all you’re interested in is telling them that you know best and you know your horse and they don’t like that and they work better this way, then why bother showing up? You’re there to learn, not to teach – listen to what they have to say and try to understand where they’re coming from. If you seriously disagree with your instructor, you’re probably with the wrong one.


Bringing an ‘expert’

Your mum/friend/cousin shouting ‘advice’ from the side of the arena is probably the most unhelpful thing ever. Tell them to zip it or to not come.


The weatherman

It’s raining, it’s snowing, it’s thundering – they know! You might have to get in the saddle and ride in it, but they’re having to stand and shout in it. Don’t be the guy that complains about the weather, no one likes that guy.