Signs You’re Not Growing Out It


So you started riding when you were a teeny, tiny person who liked to pet the pretty ponies – you’re now 38 and you still like petting the pretty ponies. The chances are you’ve had your fair share of comments about growing out of this whole horse thing, but if we’re being honest that time has probably passed now. Here are 14 signs you’re probably not going to be growing out of it any time soon (ever)...


  • Your wage is calculated in direct correlation to how many teaching hours you can afford.
  • You can’t remember the last time you booked holiday from work, that wasn’t for a show or an event
  • You make do with your jeans for 10 years. You *need* a new pair of breeches at least twice a year.
  • Your partner knows you’re lying about how much you spent last month. You both continue to pretend it’s not a lie.
  • Your motivation for the day comes from knowing you’ll be back with your horses soon.
  • You literally do not care about what people out in the real world think about your stable outfit anymore.
  • You never miss an equine event. You always *forget* about your social plans.
  • Your definition of “early” and “sleeping in” are VERY different from most people.
  • You’re come to accept that you smell of horses. Well, manure.
  • You get real life giddy when your favourite brand unveils their new line.
  • You find bits of hay everywhere. BLOODY EVERYWHERE.
  • For you, retail therapy is buying a fancy a new hoof pick.
  • You consider your equine achievements CV worthy.
  • And finally…you know that all those people who look at you weird in the grocery store don’t have a clue what they’re missing out on.