Brooke is an international animal welfare charity dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them. For millions of people around the world, working equines are the backbone of their communities. Without healthy working horses, donkeys and mules, they wouldn’t be able to put food on the table, send their children to school or build better futures for themselves, their families and their animals.

Brooke Staff with horseBrooke works to deliver lasting change. We use our expertise to train and support owners of horses, donkeys and mules, local vets, farriers, harness makers, animal traders and more to improve standards of care. We work with governments and international organisations to bring about policy change to make lasting improvements to animal welfare. 

Take Rafiq as an example. Rafiq works with his young donkey in a Brick Kiln in Narowal, Pakistan earning on average 600 rupees (about £6) per day to support his wife and young children.  

When his donkey became ill, he called Ilyas, his local Brooke trained vet, and explained that his donkey was ill and could only sit, roll over and cough. Ilyas advised Rafiq to keep the donkey in the shade, to avoid giving medication and that he was on his way. On arrival, the donkey was found to be in severe pain, dehydrated and diagnosed with colic.

The little donkey was immediately given pain relief, and was treated for dehydration and colic, as well as a secondary infection and intermittent fever. He was also given time off work to rest and recuperate.

Taking this opportunity to educate Rafiq and his community, Ilyas explained the donkey’s pain and suffering was due to colic, caused by feeding rice husk and other dusty feed. Realising that his donkey could have died, and seeing the financial loss from his donkey’s time off work, Rafiq and the community are now following Brooke’s advice to feed green fodder instead of rice husk to keep their hoses and donkeys healthier and prevent future respiratory illnesses.

Fortunately the donkey recovered well and can be seen in the photo enjoying his new diet of green fodder.


To help more animals like Rafiq’s little donkey, this spring, Brooke is inviting you to take on MyHackathon, the sponsored hack challenge for horse lovers across the UK. You choose the distance that’s best for you and your horse - 50, 100 or 250 miles - and then get hacking and raise as much as you can! The money you raise will make a massive difference to working equines around the world and the families and communities that rely on them, like Rafiq and his donkey.

Why Hack?

If you love spending quality time with your horse, and want to help other horses, donkeys and mules around the world, this is the challenge for you! Hacking is free and fun – whether hacking alone or with friends, it’s great to get out and explore, and can help you relax and forget about the stress of daily life. It’s a brilliant way to get outside and get some fresh air and it’s great for your horse too, providing them with a different environment, building their confidence and keeping them fit.

How to sign up

It’s free, quick and easy to sign up and set up your fundraising page, so you’ll be ready to get started in no time! There’s also a whole host of materials to help with sponsorship, a Facebook group to share your progress, news and photos, and thank you gifts when you reach key fundraising milestones.

To sign up visit:
Trackable Link: http://bit.ly/MYHACKHH
Short Link: thebrooke.org/myhackathon

QR Code:

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How to track your miles

The Harry Hall Riding app can help you track your miles for every hack, just open the app and click start your ride. Plus with the added SafeRide feature, you’ll have peace of mind while out hacking. Or if you prefer to put pen to paper, Brooke has a downloadable tracking sheet to help you track your miles.

Hacker of the month

Every month someone will be named ‘Hacker of the Month’. To enter, upload a picture from one of your MyHackathon rides to your social media posts using the hashtag #MyHackathon and tag Brooke in your post. Each winner will receive a personalized Masta General Purpose Saddle cloth, courtesy of Harry Hall!

 Hackathon Timechart

Charity horse rideI’m so excited to be supporting MyHackathon again and this year there are a choice of distance options to suit everyone! Casper and I had a great time when we took part and it was brilliant to know that we were helping less fortunate horses, donkeys and mules around the world.


How your support helps:

£8 could buy a first aid kit. Packed full of essential tools to help treat wounds and injuries, a first aid kit will help owners to act quickly and treat their working animal if they get hurt.

£19 could provide lifesaving food in a drought. An essential seed kit lets owners plant drought resistant crops which will grow to provide essential food, so animals and people have enough food to eat to survive a drought.

£30 could buy three portable water troughs. Fresh water is hard to find in the harsh environment of a brick kilns, portable troughs provide working animals with a much needed drink wherever they are.

£48 could provide vital vet training. Many animals need access to professional veterinary treatment, and Brooke teaches vets and other animal health practitioners the skills needed to treat ill or injured horses, donkeys and mules.