Coping With Exam Season


With upcoming exams for many of us stress levels are slowly rising, and deadlines are worryingly becoming closer. I feel it's a very individual process on how people deal with their emotions and exam prep so I thought i'd include a few of my own ways and research further afield to find some motivational , de-stress techniques to deal with deadlines or even pre-competition nerves! The main aim of this blog is to hopefully inspire you and encourage you to do your best, stay on top of study and smash your exams! 


With the right tools, breaking modules down and planning ahead, it is doable, and that's what you need to remember!

Don't over face yourself!

Admittedly I feel like there needs to be a balance between scaring yourself and then finding a way to make things less scary! At first writing all your study content and deadline dates down can be quite off putting and overwhelming however it also gives a sense of urgency to get things done! Making a timetables is a big help for me as not only does it show me how many days I have , it shows me what I have and when and means I can break my revision down into sections to do each day. I'll include an example of my weekly timetable  to give you an idea. 

What works for you! 
Finding a way of studying which works for you can be a challenge within itself, I know I struggle! I currently use a combination of methods depending on topics, time and motivation. A variety of methods helps to keep you interested too! Some ideas for studying are flash cards, mind maps, diagrams, online videos, colour coding notes or just having your head in a book! 


It's ok to take a break!
Regular small breaks are super useful when you have lengthy study sessions or a stressful day of jobs ahead of you. Use the time wisely and try and keep to the set time you've dedicated , it's easy to procrastinate especially scrolling down news feeds. Long breaks are also ok too! Sometimes it's more beneficial to go for that 3 hour hack than halfheartedly reading a text book. It's about finding the balance.

Stay motivated!
Motivation is key to success and keeping motivated in times of stress can be hard. Pretty inspirational quotes are perfect for keeping you going and dedicated. I love Pinterest especially Tottie’s  Monday motivation album! It's literally filled with quotes which are brilliant for keeping you inspired! I've included a few favourites of mine.

De-stress techniques
There's endless ways to de-stress, google also has lots  to offer and unfortunately I can't cover them all so I've picked a few I like the sound of. 


Enjoy the little things

Slow down and enjoy the moment , the every day things we take for granted need to be noticed. This could be anything from morning coffee to hugging your horse! 



Listening to your favourite playlist is a perfect way to de-stress. Having different playlists for relaxing , motivation , studying etc is also really useful! 



Plan your next day, prepare tomorrow's outfit , and make tomorrow's lunch! Not only may your day  run smoother but you may even be able to hit the snooze button on the alarm! Getting tack cleaned and ready and prepping all my show clothes the day before competitions is a really good way to stay calm and in control of nerves before shows! 



Staying hydrated is a must for feeling energised and healthy! Try and take a water bottle with you wherever you go. 



Remember a healthy body = healthy mind. Staying active throughout stressful times can help clear your mind and keep your brain motivated. Exercising in the middle of study sessions can really help to focus the mind when you get back.


You time

Remember to still make time for yourself, something us horse girls sometimes forget. Dedicate a time each day to stop doing jobs, revising, going through dressage tests etc and just relax. Whether you do this by reading a book, socialising or going for a walk it’s a must in de-stressing.


Hopefully I’ve given you guys a few tips to help you stay chilled throughout the next few months. If you haven’t already googling or searching on pinterest for study tips, de-stress methods and motivation techniques is a good place to find even more ways which may suit you better.


Good Luck with any upcoming exams and competitions and thank you for taking time to read my blog!

Speak soon,

Meg xox