Get Ready For Winter in 10 Steps


The nights are getting darker, the fields muddier and the fluffy coats are growing. Although it doesn’t seem 2 minutes ago since the big spring clean , winter is coming and you need to be ready. Having horses in winter is normally a lot more time consuming, more expensive and requires a lot more layers than the lovely summer months! Between Tottie and all of the other brands at Harry Hall they have the extra layers part covered but here are 10 tips to help get you started and remember it’s not all doom and gloom!


    1. The big clean; Before the horses are due in make sure your stable is sparkling! Use some horse safe disinfectant, follow the instructions and get scrubbing!
     2. De-cob web, the longer the broom the better if you’re terrified of spiders like me!  Add a splash of paint wherever needed, ensure this is safe for horses too and make sure it has adequate time to dry.
     3.Safety first; If like my stable it’s been empty all summer make sure to check for anything that may of come loose, any broken bolts or broken wood planks are not what you want to find the night you bring your horse in. Have a thorough  look round for anything that may cause harm to you or your horse.
     4.Bedding down; Once safe and clean it’s time to make the first bed. I have big bed syndrome and making the first bed is my favourite part about winter. I love big square banks and level beds and that works for Jaff, but bed down however you and your horse like.
     5.Rug ready; Make sure all your winter rugs are washed, re-proofed and repaired. If needed buy some extras as you can never have too many. Ideally have spares as the weather and horses are unpredictable and you don’t want to be caught out. Harry Hall have lots of cool designs to choose from.  Putting thin rugs over heavier rugs is a good way to protect the more expensive ones underneath.
     6.Stock up on gloves; There’s nothing worse than forgetting your gloves. Keep spare pairs in your car, at the yard and in your winter coat pockets.
    7. Hundreds of haynets; Ok, maybe not hundreds but filling hay nets for the week on a Sunday can help save a lot of time and effort. It’s also much cleaner, and perfect for those before work and school visits.
     8.Sharp and safe; Make sure if you are thinking about clipping the winter to have them ready. Send blades off for sharpening and make sure the clippers are in good working order and are safe. Doing this now means less things to worry about when you do get round to de hairing your mammoth.
     9.Grooming routine; Depending how many rugs, how long your horse stays in the stable etc it’s important to ensure that your grooming routine concedes with this.  Too much grooming can remove essential oils that helps keep your horse warm and dry. Too little and you may find rugs start to rub, make sure before applying any rugs that your horse is free from mud to avoid sores.
 10.Feed and medications; If possible stock up on any feed and medications. Even if its ordering one extra of each when you buy each time it means you will always have it in. There’s nothing worse than frantically ringing shops to find your feed at the last minute when you run out.


Thank you for reading, I hope these points make your winter a little easier ! Don’t waste your winter, its still perfect for riding. Just wrap up in some Tottie clothing layers, put your game face on and go brave the cold! Do you have any more tips? Just let me know by commenting or getting touch on @little_ginger_pony on instagram!