Harry Hall charity partner


We have a big decision to make and we need your help! It's time to nominate your favourite UK charity and they could become Harry Hall’s charity partner for the whole of 2021! We want you to nominate your favourite UK charities and when you join the Harry Hall One Club, take out insurance, go shopping, either online or on the Harry Hall Riding App, we’ll donate to your chosen charities every time.



So how can you help us choose a charity partner for 2021:

From 1st December – 15th December you can nominate the registered charity you feel deserves some extra support from Harry Hall. Simply, tell us the one UK charity you want to back by clicking here or find our pinned social media post to nominate and tag your favourite charity. 


Then on 17th December 2020, Harry Hall will announce a shortlist of 10 charities as nominated by you. Once the shortlist have been released it will be back to you to vote. Again, there will be a link on our charity page or you can head to our social media posts. Don't forget to share the message to help your cause win!


Harry Hall charity partner

What does the winning charity get?


For the next 12 months, when you join the Harry Hall One Club, take out insurance, go shopping, either online or on the Harry Hall Riding App, we’ll donate to the winning charity:

  •  On every shopping order, new membership and new insurance placed * we will donate 5p to our charity fund
  • We will give you the option to donate at the checkout
  • We will donate unsold clothing, horse equipment and supplements ** to our nominated charities
  • Twice during 2021, we will double the donation amount in one calendar month
  • We will feature our charities in our magazine and support them on social media and our website.

Why we want to help

Charities, big and small have been hit hard in 2020. Charitable events have been cancelled, personal fundraising has been interrupted and even visits to charity centres have not been allowed, all due to the pandemic. These setbacks have impacted every UK charity. Added to this, charities are now under even more strain as greater demands are being placed on their help and service

As we start to close the door on 2020 and we look forward to what we hope will be a brighter new year in 2021 we ask you, the wonderful equestrian community, to help us choose the Harry Hall Charities. We will be supporting 3 charities in 2021 and we want you to nominate your favourites charities today


How we have worked with World Horse Welfare


How we'd worked with World Horse Welfare

Harry Hall has always been proud to be more than a one-stop online shop… and as such, we were honoured to support World Horse Welfare. We helped support their campaigns and donate items to their cause. Find out more about how we worked with World Horse Welfare here.




Thank you for your support in nominating your favourite charity, together we can make a difference xx