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How to remember a dressage test


How to remember a dressage test

Let’s face it – there are not many of us who can remember the letters of the dressage arena, especially when you are at a competition – your mind just goes blank!

Think of it this way – the first time you drove somewhere new – you may have got lost, missed the turning – or drove straight past where you were going.  But do the journey again (especially the following day) and you would probably get there the first time without getting lost or missing a turn.  It’s because you have experienced the journey and you have visualised it.  Visualisation is the key!

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How can I remember my dressage test?

Your easy 10 step guide to remembering your dressage test in minutes. 

  1. Get a piece of paper and draw the arena out along with the letters in the correct place. 
  2. Read the test out and using your index finger – start to draw the movements out and do this a couple of times. 
  3. Now still using your finger draw the test out without looking at the actual dressage sheet. 
  4. After a couple of minutes, you will have remembered it – if you haven’t – keep doing it. 
  5. Now close your eyes, be in a quiet area and ride the test in your mind's eye.  You can even make the sound of the bell. 
  6. Ask your other half or friend to test you.  Give them the sheet and you tell them the test. 
  7. Practice on foot – at home or in the yard – ignore the funny looks you might receive! 
  8. Practice it on your horse – just be mindful that some horses also learn the test and then when it comes to the day of the competition, they know what’s coming next and might make the next move a bit too early. 
  9. On the day of the competition, remember to take the test sheet with you so you can keep having a look. 
  10. Before you get on your horse – close your eyes again and ride the test in your mind's eye. 

Now go and nail that dressage test  

Good Luck 


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