Harry Hall is committed to helping others less fortunate than themselves and supporting the causes that are important to Harry Hall One Club members, customers and their employees. Our love for horses and the friends that we make along the way, for the team at Harry Hall and the One Club Members, this is a lifestyle, not a hobby.

In 2021, anyone who joined the Harry Hall One Club took out a new insurance policy or shopped at harryhall.com triggered a donation to our charity fund in support of Brooke, RDA and The Horse Trust. Customers also had the option to make their donation at the checkout.

We’re thrilled to say in 2021 we have raised well over £13,000 for our three charity partners. Here’s how the money you helped us raise made a difference:

Brooke, Action for Working Horses and Donkeys

How Harry Hall donations made an impact at Brooke:

We couldn’t have made a difference to so many working equines in 2021 without the support of Harry Hall, so from everyone at Brooke, a massive thank you! In 2021, we managed to:

  • Provided emergency feed for 4,058 equines and provided 210 first aid kits as part of ongoing relief efforts in India
  • Opened a new Farrier School in Senegal, the first outside Europe and North America, which is currently training 60 new farriers
  • Launched a Compassionate Handling pilot project in Nicaragua, teaching 35 community members handling techniques for foals
  • Petitioned World Leaders, and Eastern African Authorities to ban the Donkey Skin trade and launched a petition calling on Amazon to stop selling Donkey skin products

In 2021, overall we helped over 1.5 million working horses, donkeys and mules in almost 12,000 communities around the world


Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA)

How Harry Hall donations made an impact at RDA:

“Thanks to the generous contributions of Harry Hall, we have been able to continue to support approx imately 500 groups across the UK to get back up and running after lockdown. Many of our local groups have struggled with the changing guidelines around COVID-19 and so we have been helping groups to adapt and thrive. This has involved creating COVID-19 safe venues, advice on changing guidelines, training our volunteers and providing adapted activities to our participants to return to RDA . We now have 75% of our groups up and running with this number is growing every day!


The Horse Trust

How Harry Hall donations made an impact at The Horse Trust :

"Harry Hall’s generous financial contribution to The Horse Trust through its Charity Partnerships Program in 2021 has been instrumental in allowing us to continue supporting over 140 horses in our care.

The impact of the pandemic on The Horse Trust’s income was devastating. Since March 2020, we lost more than £120,000 in income as a result of cancelled events and temporary closure of our site to visitors.

With Harry Hall’s help, we have been able to continue providing specialised treatment for some of the more serious horse injuries which often require expensive or additional antibiotics, wound dressings, casts, special bedding, pain killers and X-rays to speed the healing process and allow recovery."



Find out which equine charities you voted for to be our charity partners in 2022.