Podcasts for Horse Riders

In this blog, we look at the best podcasts for horse riders. Easily accessible, portable, entertaining and a great way to learn new skills or facts while mucking out, walking the dog or waiting for the vet to arrive, podcasts have become more popular over recent years. With this resurgence, we also got caught up in the craze. It’s no lie that horse riding can be a lonely sport, and if, like us, some days you find your mind wandering while you’re mucking out, schooling or just grooming your horse, listening to a podcast could be just what you need.

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Another reason podcasts are so good for horse riders as a form of content is because we don’t need to sit down to listen to them! Notoriously, we’re not great at relaxing – there’s always a stable to muck out, a yard to sweep or some tack to clean (a last resort on the boredom list!). A podcast lets us plugin, hit play and crack on with our tasks while absorbing some interesting and helpful information.

It is at this point we have to mention the Stride Rhythm Speaker. A wireless wrist speaker, the Stride speaker lets you play up to six hours of your favourite podcasts or music whilst riding or completing yard duties. The speaker allows you to answer phone calls, even whilst wearing riding gloves. The adjustable wrist strap means the speaker is durable and wearable for all riders and occasions. Not only does it provide entertainment for you, but the Rhythm Seeker also exposes horses to noise, necessary for their development – who knows they might enjoy listening to podcasts too.

Saving money as a horse owner

Now onto the business of our favourite podcasts to listen to, we’ve selected our favourite five in this blog, but it's worth saying this is by no means an exhaustive list of the horse riding themed podcasts available to listen to. The best way to find your favourite is to dip your hooves in the water and see which ones take your fancy.

Horse & Hound Podcast

These weekly podcasts from a household name in the equestrian world are available every Friday. Over the years they’ve covered some great topics and keep you up to date with all the news from the equestrian industry, from information on flu jabs to whisker trimming.

Presented by the H&H editorial team, each podcast includes an interview with a leading equestrian figure, from current top riders to legends of our sport, as well as a panel discussion on the week’s most pressing topics. The podcast also features insight on a topic from an expert in their fields such as vets, professional grooms and horse trainers.

Length – around 45 minutes

How to listen – via the Horse & Hound website

Best order to listen – pick and choose your episode

Listen to this to – keep up to date on happenings within the equestrian world and interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport

Amalia Dempsey Podcast

An Australian horsewoman and trainer, Amalia Dempsey hosts her own podcast called “The Horsemanship Breakthrough podcast”. This podcast for horse riders is a source for riding and training

insights with the goal of helping your horse be a happy, light, and willing partner. Bringing you information and interviews with like-minded trainers to help you on your horsemanship, horse training, groundwork, and riding journey.

Length – an average of 60 minutes, length does vary depending on the topic

How to listen – Apple Podcasts or Spotify Podcasts

Order to listen – the best journey is starting with episode 1, but the listener can pick and choose as they wish.

Listen to this to – see your horse differently and learn how to start speaking their language

The Journey On Podcast

Another Australian horseman, Warwick now lives in America and specialises in natural horsemanship techniques. His podcast, “The Journey On” shares the story of his transformational growth in both his horse training career and his personal life. Special guests occasionally join the show to discuss their own life-altering stories, sharing their motivations and influences along the way. Warwick invites you to listen to the podcast in hopes you find something that will help you along your own journey. This podcast will give you an insight into a whole different world, some things that are often completely dismissed in traditional English riding methods.

Length – an average of 1 hour 30 mins

How to listen – Warwick’s websiteApple PodcastsSpotify Podcasts or on Google Podcasts.

Order to listen – we recommend starting with episode 1 as Warwick takes us on a journey through his equestrian life.

Listen to this to – get a deep insight into natural horsemanship

Olivia Towers Podcast

How could we not mention this podcast from dressage rider Olivia Towers? This podcast brings you the whole package, including Olivia’s personal journey in the sport – the ups, the downs and everything in between. It covers different topics ranging from interviews with top equestrian athletes and how they navigated their careers with horses. There is also solid advice on building a resilient mindset in all areas of life and practical tips to help you with your riding and journey in the equestrian world.

Length – an average of 60 minutes

How to listen – via Olivia’s website or on Spotify Podcasts

Order to listen – we recommend starting with episode 1 to hear all about Olivia’s journey but you can pick and choose the order you listen.

Listen to this to – hear honest discussion around mental health and an insight into the world of a professional rider

Saving money as a horse owner

Buck Off Banter

This is most definitely not your average horsey podcast (their words not ours!). The team behind Buck Off Banter (Katie, Karla and Christa) bring laughs and real-life tales to their entertaining podcasts. And the best thing about this podcast – on the days where you feel like the world of horses is conspiring against you, they make you feel better about yourself thanks to the laughter and horsey hacks thrown in.

Topics covered include rider fitness, hilarious stories and solutions to riders everyday problems. A grassroots podcast with a loyal following.

Length – an average of 60 minutes

How to listen – via the Buck Off Banter Website

Order to listen – pick and choose your episodes

Listen to this to – laugh and get involved in lots of relatable chatter (does contain some strong language from time to time).