This brand new innovative rug is scientifically designed to enhance your horse's performance. The rug’s technology will gently increase blood flow, detoxify and promote healing for your horse. This is ideal for use before work to prepare the muscles for exercise but also importantly after work as well to help reduce lactic acid build up and aid with repair of any wear and tear.



Our Testers 

Ieuan Pritchard


All horses showed a marked improvement – they were much more relaxed and became less tense & stressed after wearing the Protechmasta Rug. The rug definitely helps muscle spasms, which will in turn reduce pain – it will help a horse be less tense and relax their muscles so they become ready to work properly without being stressed and knotted. In addition it helps after work – reducing inflammation of muscles which would have long term benefits.

I really like this rug, its light, easy portable and I hope its affordable for the majority. It compliments the horses well being and other treatment its receiving (such as physio) I really like the fact that its easily transferred from one horse to another, when they are in the stable nd the owner can get on with other jobs, so helping the time poor owner.

Alice Oppenheimer

International Grand Prix Dressage Rider

Bracken aka Boadicia uses the Protechmasta rug everyday, she has it on once she comes in from the field and after exercise for at least one hour each time. She has suffered in the past from muscle stiffness after standing in her stable, this has significantly improved since she has been using the Protechmasta rug. She wears the wraps every day also, all the time she is in her stable. She is what I call a bit of a creaky horse and I have definitely noticed an improvement. I have been very impressed with it, I am the ultimate sceptic so not usually easily convinced but without a doubt it has helped her.

Any chance we can have one for Delegate?

Ian Stark OBE

Olympic Eventer and Course Designer

For the last 2 days she had put the rug on for 4 hours and the improvement was incredible. The young horse worked really well on the flat and the head was very still, in addition the back didn’t pull up when I got on. We are going to keep doing this for the next couple of days to see if the improvement continues.

There was an immediate improvement on a young horse that was always a bit 'back up' when starting.