Show Ring Hacks


Whether you’re showing, eventing, dressaging or just want to look your best, theses are a few tips I swear by that save time and money (and tears!)


Turnout Rugs 

I swear by stabling horses in a lightweight full neck turnout rug the night before a competition to ‘repel’ any stable stains on the body. Also the waterproof turnout hoods do a great job, especially for grey horses who like to use their droppings as pillows to sleep on! 


Baby oil everything! 

To save money buying expensive ‘horse highlighters’ jut use baby oil lightly around the eyes, nostrils and well anywhere you want to look shiny!! 


Quarter markers

Practice makes perfect! Practice whenever you get chance, look what looks best on your type of horse and make sure you have the correct pattern for your class/type. You can use small dog grooming combs for smaller detailed marks and stiff short haired brushed for larger patterns or for doing sharks teeth! 


Baby wipes 

Perfect for wiping any muck of your shiny show boots, any slobber marks from your horses mouth,  giving your tack a quick wipe over. You just can’t live without them really! 


Create illusions with plaits 

Everyone will know this one! If your horse needs to look like they have more of a crest on thier neck to plait looser nearer the base of the mane, and if your horse has quite a large crest, to plait tighter to the neck.