The Equine Bucket List


When owning (or loaning) a horse there are some things that you just HAVE to do, like they’re a right of passage in to the equestrian world. We all have goals we want to reach and tasks we want to accomplish but here is my ultimate Equine Bucket List!


1)      Own your own horse:

It sounds pretty simple but owning your own horse can be a lifetime achievement. Many of us will spend years saving up for that special partner and when you find the one it’s a huge accomplishment! This is why its number one on my bucket list… plus it helps with the rest of my equine goals!


2)      Ride Bareback:

There is just something so liberating about riding a horse bareback. With nothing between you and the horse you really get to understand how they work and move beneath you. Not only is riding bareback a great way to work on your balance and position, you also get to thoroughly use those leg muscles. You might walk like John Wayne for a little bit but it really is worth the experience!


3)      Go On a Beach Ride:

Everybody loves the beach so why not make it 100 times better by taking your horse?! I can’t imagine anything better than a wide open horizon, the sand beneath my feet and the wind blowing through my hair and to have my horse beside me would just complete it. Definitely a must do horsey experience.


4)      Gallop:

You may be thinking “why is this on a bucket list?” but you have to remember that everybody aspires to achieve different things. To say you have galloped on a horse is something we sometimes take for granted and for those of you who have never galloped on a horse it’s a breathing taking experience. I mean literally, you cannot catch your breath! The first time you do it, it will be a white knuckle ride, your eyes will water and your legs will shake but holy horse its worth it!


5)      Camp Out With Your Horse:

This is every little (and big) girls dream. As a child I couldn’t imagine anything more exciting than setting up a sleeping bag and camping out next to my horse. We meet so many amazing people in the horsey world and to be able to bring them together and have a sleepover with your horses is a great bonding mechanism for both horse and rider. So crack out the marshmallows and make a party out of it!


6)      Go on a Riding Holiday:

This doesn’t have to be abroad and it doesn’t have to cost you the world. There are plenty of trekking centres based in the UK that cater for riding holidays, you can even opt to take your own horse. Its all down to the individual, if you like to travel and see the world, try somewhere like Andalusia or if you prefer a cooler climate, Austria has some beautiful trails. Similarly, if youre more of a home bird, the Scottish Highlands are great place to explore on horse back!


7)      See the Spanish riding school perform:

If you haven’t seen them before, it really is something you should go and see.  Based, in Vienna, Austria, the Spanish Riding School is a traditional school for the Lipizzaner horses. The way they school and perform with the horses is amazing. The level of skill of both horse and rider is astonishing, to see Man and Horse performing in such unison and harmony is something that everybody should witness.


8)      Take a liberty lesson/ Ride completely tackless:

Now this might not be something you want to try on your own horse but luckily for you, there are riding centres that specialise in liberty riding. Riding and controlling a horse with nothing but your own movements and voice is such a huge confidence boost. A completely alien experience whilst feeling natural at the same time, it’s a must do.  If you’re not comfortable hopping on a horse, try a ground work session. This is a great way to build up a bond and relationship with your horse.


9)      Visit the New Forest:


The New Forest is a great place for anybody who is horse mad. There are literally horses and donkeys just roaming through the streets. Everywhere you walk you will come across the wild horses. You can cycle and ride through the New Forest on the designated foot paths, taking in the outstanding natural beauty. If youre into your photography there are thousands of opportunities to take breath taking shots. You can walk for miles alongside the horses, I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?!


10)  Have a Portrait Session:

Having a portrait session is a fantastic idea, you can give them as gifts or just book one for yourself. Having a nice set of photographs of both you and your horse is a great keepsake. Photos last a lifetime and its always nice to capture your fondest memories with your equine friend. Have fun with them too, they don’t have to be serious, try dressing up in themed costumes or invest in some coloured powders/paints and just go crazy with it. You only get one horse of a life time to just do everything you can and try not to take life too seriously!


So there is my equine bucket list. Some of the things I have done but its not everything I want to do, I will be forever adding and removing things I want to achieve… remember, its all personal, just do what you want to do and make the most of it!