The Ultimate Guide to Winter Equestrian Footwear

For equestrians, having warm feet in winter is non-negotiable. End of. Thick winter socks partnered with well lined and padded boots are in our eyes, winter essentials. So how do you go about finding the best horse riding boots and yard boots? Boots that won’t make your feet clatter when you hit the ground after leaping out the saddle?

Well, fellow equestrians, you’ve come to the right place, this is the ultimate guide to winter equestrian footwear. We’ll talk the talk and walk the walk as we cover long riding boots, yard boots and Wellington boots. We’ll discuss how you can care for your boots to keep them marching on for years to come.

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What to look for in horse riding boots

No-one wants to feel like a Thunderbird puppet in the saddle so make sure your riding boots are crafted from soft leather or a similar soft and pliable material. They’ll help you feel the side of your horse better and your aids will be more effective. Durable zips or fastenings are another must-have. Full length zips allow more room for your foot when putting on and taking off boots. And finally, be sure to take note of the sole. With an everyday riding boot, seek for durability in the sole. One that can put up with you having to dismount your horse and walk miles to get home (we’re speaking from experience on this one!)

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Best horse riding Boots

If you’re looking for practical yet elegant everyday long riding boots the Bellingham Long Riding Boots will become your new favourite piece of footwear. Available in black leather or soft brown nubuck, this boot offers an elegant silhouette that moulds around the leg creating a streamlined appearance. The Bellingham is a highly versatile long boot that can be dressed up or down, choose to wear around the yard or team up with your favourite pair of jeans, the Bellingham boots will compliment any outfit. The elastic vent at the back of the boot helps achieve the perfect fit, giving you greater unrestricted movement. A full-length zip and a durable sole for riding complete this elegant boot.

Why you’ll love the Bellingham boots:

  • Elasticated stretch panel for a flexible fit
  • Durable sole suitable for riding in
  • Soft leather in the black boots and soft nubuck in the brown boots
  • Team up with your favourite jeans or breeches

What did product tester Tracey think about the Bellingham Long Riding boots in brown nubuck?

"I’ve been testing these long riding boots for just over three weeks now, I ride around six horses a day so need a comfortable boot as I literally live in them. The nubuck is so soft that they felt “worn in” as soon as I put them on. The sizing was good too, I’m a 6 and they were perfect, and allowed room for my slightly thicker winter riding socks. I’ve had a few clients ask about them as well so it’s nice to know that as well as feeling great they look good too. A strong 9/10 from me!”

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Country Boots

Want to leap from a dog walk onto your horse? Look no further than the Addingham Country Boots. Perfect for dog walks, around the yard and a riding friendly sole means they’re suitable for riding too! Versatile for all year round, these boots will provide comfort wear after wear, crafted from leather with a water-resistant membrane built into the foot. Features such as a full-length zip at the back for convenience and the full front lace system allows for a custom fit and can fit a variety of calf sizes, so you can adjust the boots to your preference, not only practical but highly stylish.

Why you’ll love these country boots:

  • Adjustable front laces
  • Full length back zip for convenience
  • Water-resistant membrane built into the foot
  • Suitable for riding
Saving money as a horse owner

Best yard boots for equestrians

OK, so we’re equestrians which means we’re used to doing a million tasks in one day. We go from walking the dog, to doing the school drop off, to going to the yard to buzzing into work only to leave work and do it all over again in the evening. All this means, what we have on our feet needs to work for us and that’s why we’ve picked out our favourite yard boots so you can seamlessly jump from your horse, through the yard and onto the school gates.


Denton Country Boots

Available in a mid-length or long, the Denton Country Boots are new to Harry Hall this season and already loved by so many. They’re classic country style is partnered with a slip on design. Durable and hard-wearing, they offer protection whilst remaining soft from the first wear. A water-resistant membrane has been built into the foot to keep your toes cosy and protected from the elements.

Why you’ll love the Denton Country Boots:

  • Easy to wear, pull-on boots
  • Water-resistant membrane built into the foot
  • Stylish country look
  • Attractive suede detail
  • Lace detail to the back

What did Product tester Sharon think about the Denton Mid Country Boot?

"These were the first pair of Harry Hall boots I've tried and the minute my parcel arrived (which was the day after I ordered) I whipped them out the box and threw them on my feet. Well, it already feels like I’ve had them years. They’re great boots! I got them for doing yard duties but think they're too nice so I keep for dog walks in them as they are really comfy. I'm a size eight and these fit perfectly with a bit of room for thicker socks in winter if needed. I’m tempted to buy a pair of the long country boots too so I have one for the yard and one for walking.”

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Wellingtons Boots

We’ve been wearing the award-winning Westfield Wellington boots for years. Their sturdy design (there's a steel shank in the sole!) has been truly tried and tested by equestrians and county lovers alike and is available in brown or green they look just at home when partnered with jodhpurs or jeans.

Why you’ll love the Westfield Wellington Boots:

  • Durable and tough rubber
  • 3m neoprene lining
  • Unisex fit
  • Sturdy sole
  • Adjustable side gusset

Saving money as a horse owner

What did product tester Darcie think of the Westfield Wellington boots?

“Now, we all know I ruin shoes quicker than my relationship prospects. So, I was embarrassingly enthusiastic when Harry Hall took pity on my soggy sock situation and, offered me the opportunity to throw out my Tesco bag for life (doubling up as a Wellington boot liner due to a leak) and to product test the Westfield wellington boots.

My fear for wet feet is similar to that of drop fences. You know where your organs are sucked up to your brain!? In contrast, it's actually my patience leaving my body, as I step into a small lake (in the pitch black)…

The first thing I noticed when unboxing was the thickness of the sole. Imagine if I wrote a book called "why not to date 101". That kind of thickness!

Normally I find chunky wellies on the heavy side. However, my noodle arms have enjoyed the lighter option this time around.

I'm a naturally cold person with a mantra of "layers are life". So, I was sceptical about my choice of socks. There was no need for concern, even in the middle of October, on the Welsh coastline (3mm neoprene lining for those who need facts).

I spent my week away wading in the sea, wandering around town and stumbling over rocks. If that didn't rip the sole clean off, then I reckon me and Grandma Jayne are onto a winner.

These boots have won more awards than me in a lifetime. With an overall score of 4.7/5, they are certainly a top contender for the equestrian and country lifestyle. They come up slightly wide being unisex, so, in my not professional opinion, I would consider sizing down if you have very skinny body balancers (feet).

I've spent countless journeys ferrying Orion from one end of a mud pit to the other. Because, you guessed it. He just stands and looks gormless at the thought of meeting me halfway.

"Every little helps". Thanks for your service Tesco. But, I don't need that bag for life anymore”