Things Equestrians Love to Hate


Being horsey has its ups and downs, some we love and some we hate… but here are a million and one things that we love to hate about being an equestrian!


  • Arms that rival most body builders; hauling bales of straw and heavy feed bags gets those former noddle arms big and bulky. “Do you need a lift out to your car?” no thanks… I’ve got this!

  • Hay/straw in places they should not be; how it gets there we do not know but what we do know is, its irritating as hell!


  • The statement “horse riding is easy… you just sit there” No. Don’t even go there sweetie. If I make it look easy then it means im doing it right!

  • “Oh you have a horse? Can my friends brothers cousins niece come and ride?” If she’s on a death wish, then yes go ahead but otherwise I’d rather she didn’t


  • Winter; it goes on forever, its too wet/windy/cold to ride and we spend the entire season moaning about how long it takes summer to come around.


  • Summer; it doesn’t go on long enough, its too hot/muggy and there’s too many flies to ride and we spend the entire season moaning how close winter is again.


  • That certain smell, that smelly smell that smells… smelly; you know the one “eau d’stable” You get used to it and forget about it but your mother, friends and even strangers in public like to remind you about it


  • “The After Clip” itch. IT. GETS.EVERYWHERE. We hate clipping, but that silky smooth finished look makes it all worth it. Even if we end up looking like a woolly mammoth! 


  • Chunky calves; When you’re using your legs to control an animal of that size its inevitable that your calves are going to take a battering. But what gets me is the fact that a lot of boot manufactures seemingly don’t cater for this, not everyone has skinny legs you know!


  • The “farmers tan”; Super brown forearms, a sun kissed face and the freckles are out! But watch the legs, they’ll blind you… its not my fault, have you tried to ride in a pair of shorts? Id take pale legs over saddle rub any day…


  • Helmet Hair; it gets flattened, it gets sweaty and it gets bits of straw and other miscellaneous pieces of foiliage stuck in it. We can never have “nice” styled hair because it just doesn’t last, but we can rock that helmet hair!


  • Pricey products; Anything with the word “equestrian” in front of it is expensive. But we’ll pay over the odds because our precious ponies deserve the best.  And why is it that we are always drawn to the dearer products?! They are plenty of budget friendly alternatives available!


  • “You have horses so you must be rich” Nope. I have a horse shaped hole in my bank account and yesterday I found 3 pence in my car… im quite clearly loaded…


  • “It’s just a childish phase”; does this one really need an explanation? I mean its clearly not a phase… im an adult for goodness sake!


  • Joint pain; Being 20 years old and riddled with aches, creaky joints and calloused hands. Ahh the joys of horses.



The horsey world is full of things that we love to hate, sometimes we keep our opinions under wraps but most of the time we love a good rant!


Do you have any horsey problems that you love to hate? Let us know!