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Trailer Towing Tests – All You Need to Know


Trailer towing tests – all you need to know

As part of the Government’s plans to tackle the HGV driver shortage, the car and trailer towing test could be scrapped. So, what would this mean for equestrians? We speak to Driver Training, a leading provider of trailer towing training to equestrians.

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Trailer towing - the ins and outs:

The law regarding towing could be set to change, previously anyone who passed their B (car) test after 1997 had to take a separate test (B+E) to enable them to tow a large trailer and combination. From 16th December 2021, anyone with a B (car) licence would be allowed to tow a trailer up to 3,500kg MAM.

Although the trailer towing test has been scrapped, the DVSA and Government are still advising anyone who is wanting to take a trailer out on the roads to get some training so that they have the knowledge and understanding of all the safety aspects involved in towing.

Why it’s important to have some training before you tow a trailer:

If you are wanting to tow horses it is vitally important that you understand how to safely hitch and unhitch the trailer and understand how a trailer reacts when being towed. Reversing with a trailer is also a skill that needs to be mastered and can take time to grasp.

With so many accidents on the roads involving trailers being towed by people who don’t have the correct knowledge, don’t risk your precious horse in a trailer without having some training first from an experienced instructor.

Driver Training specialises in the equine industry and all towing courses are delivered by an experienced ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) who has many years of experience travelling horses in trailers and horseboxes.


How will a trailer towing course help?

In the towing courses you will not only gain invaluable experience towing on a variety of different roads and learning how to reverse in different scenarios but will also learn some safety aspects and advice when towing horses and ponies.

“Undertaking trailer towing training will help the driver stay calm and in control when on the road and they will feel prepared for every scenario. Their confidence will build with every session, and it will help improve their overall road safety” commented Liz from Driver Training. “Traffic on the roads in the UK has increased by 40% in just ten years and we believe the correct training to the correct standard will help keep the person towing and other road users safe.”

One Club members can save 10% on a trailer towing course with Driver Training, find out more about Driver Training courses here.


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