At Harry Hall we recently completed a survey to discover just what impact a turbulent 2020 has had on horse owners. We know now more than ever that helping to make horse ownership as affordable as possible is so important.

Key findings:

  • 67% of horse owners are concerned about the cost of keeping their horse. 
  • 39% of horse owners have suffered reduced income since the outbreak of COVID-19 
  • 47% of horse owners have seen rising costs on livery and feed, as well as vets and farriers. 

These latest findings are a concern, particulary as winter is approaching meaning many horses will spend more time indoors, leading to increased bedding and feed costs. 

Horses, like dogs and cats, are part of the family. But with an uncertain future and concerns over job security due to the impact of COVID-19the UK’s horse owners are feeling anxious.   

The survey found that the cost of vets, farriers and feed have all risen. Even livery yards where many horses are stabled have had to increase their prices. 

With an estimated 847,000 horses in the UK,** increasing costs have the potential to create a long and difficult winter for both the UK’s horses and their owners. Perhaps it’s one explanation for “The Long Face”? 

Concerned horse owner worried about costs




*Survey conducted by Harry Hall in September 2020, with 638 responses 

** British Equestrian Trade Association – National Equestrian Survey 2019