It can be difficult to find veteran horse cover that suits your needs. Your veteran horse may be in light work but spends most of his time meandering in the field, at Harry Hall we understand the requirements of veteran horse ownership, and our vet fees insurance has been launched with this in mind.

To help answer your questions we’ve put together this handy blog, if you would like any further information do not hesitate to contact us via email contact@harryhall.com or phone us on 01274 711 100

What does Veteran Horse Insurance cover?

The Harry Hall policy covers accidental external injuries which is perfect if the veteran horse in your life spends his time in the field with his pals. If he attempts to break out or has a run about and causes an injury to himself this insurance would cover you for any vet fees incurred as a result.

What classifies as a veteran horse?

As a rule a veteran horse is an equine that is at least 15 years old and has been used for riding or driving. Generally, they are horses that have been in the show ring, on the trails, or in some form of performance sport. Veteran horses can also refer to horses that have retired from a career, either due to age or injury, or have been donated to a rescue program or sanctuary.

The definition for insurance is usually more simply based on the age of the horse.

How much does the Veteran Horse Insurance policy cost?

It is £91.80 for the year and covers up to £1,500 in vet fees. The excess is £165 per claim. You need to be a Harry Hall One Club member to apply for vet fees insurance, membership starts from £10 a year.

Is there a maximum age on Harry Hall horse insurance?

There is no upper age limit on vet fees insurance at Harry Hall. We insure horses of all sizes, ages, and abilities. As the cover is accidental external injury cover, we do not ask you to fill in long-winded forms regarding previous injuries and no vetting certificate is required.

We only include an age limit when adding on cover for conditions like colic.

I own two veteran horses; can I get cover for both of them?

Our Veteran Horse Insurance covers up to two horses for £91.80. That means you can share the claim limit between horses old or young. Or you can take out two policies, so you have one for each horse. If you have a family membership with Harry Hall you can include up to four horses on the policy.

One Club member Rachel’s story:

Hastings is my 27-year field companion – he’s never been ridden due to a damaged spine when he was born. We don’t have him insured apart from vet fees insurance and public liability with the One Club, he’s not really worth anything – but he’s priceless to us.

A couple of weeks ago, Hastings was bouncing around the field like a two-year-old, forgot how to put the emergency handbrake on, and consequently went through the fence, landing on his side in a bed of nettles.

He was badly cut – and some of his injuries went quite deep into his hindquarters and flank. In addition, he had a massive reaction to the nettle stings and started to go into shock. I thought he was a goner!

15 mins later – after a “get here now” emergency call to the vets, Hastings was sedated, given a steroid injection for the nettles sting, and got stitched up, along with some bute and a long-lasting antibiotic. He’s now doing fine – amazing how they bounce back! A few days after his two-minute stunt session – the dreaded vet bill arrived - £852.61 – luckily this was covered under my Harry Hall vet fees insurance.”

More information on Veteran Horse Insurance at Harry Hall

You may also be interested in joining The Veteran Horse Society – find out more here.

What to look out for in reviews of veteran horse insurance?

When reading reviews of veteran horse insurance, it's important to consider the customer's experience with the insurance company. Look for reviews that provide details about the customer's experience, such as how helpful customer service was, whether the customer experienced any issues with their policy, and how the insurance company responded to any concerns or questions the customer may have had.

Additionally, you should also look for reviews that discuss the insurance company's financial stability, customer reviews from other policyholders, and the company's overall reputation. This can help you make an informed decision when selecting the right insurance company for your veteran horse.

What is veteran horse insurance?

Veteran horse insurance generally provides coverage for horses aged 15 years or older. It is designed to protect you against the unexpected costs associated with owning a senior horse. It may cover things like emergency vet fees, dentistry, and physiotherapy, as well as providing you with peace of mind that you will be able to afford any treatments your horse may need. It is important to shop around to find the best deal, as policies and their associated premiums can vary considerably.

Why do people get veteran horse insurance?

People get veteran horse insurance to provide financial protection against the unexpected costs of owning an older horse. Many veteran horses may require more frequent vet visits, more specialized care and more expensive treatments than a younger horse. Veteran horse insurance can help cover some of these costs, enabling owners to provide the best care possible for their older horses.

The thing is, as a horse gets older the premiums can keep getting more and more expensive. A way to reduce premiums is to choose more specific policies that cover only vet fees for accidental, external injuries or public liability insurance only.