You and your horse may be champing at the bit to compete at an event or find greener pastures, but before you load up the trailer, make sure you are well protected. An accident or theft on the road is unlikely, but isn’t unthinkable, so having the right insurance for your needs is essential. Read on to find out how to ensure you have appropriate trailer cover.

Why is horse trailer insurance important?

While it’s not a legal requirement to buy a separate insurance policy for a towed horse trailer, it’s the wisest course of action, safeguarding your property and knocking on the head the hassle that a breakdown, accident or theft would involve. Your vehicle insurance should cover third-party liability in case your trailer breaks free enroute and injures another road-user. But when you’ve invested time and money in a top-notch trailer to keep your equine travel buddy safe and comfortable, you may want more than basic protection.

So, what do you need in cover?

  • You want the assurance that if the trailer is damaged in a fire or accident, or is stolen, you will receive an equivalent replacement trailer. You’ll need it repaired or replaced speedily and to the same high standard.
  • You don’t want to be stranded at the roadside worrying about the cost of recovery. It’s always worth finding cover that pays you back after you’ve got your trailer home swiftly and safely.
  • You want an experienced, specialist insurer who understands what you and your horse need, can anticipate potential issues and tailor your policy accordingly. You need to make sure you choose the right cover to match the value of your trailer.

Why go with Harry Hall?

Having equipped and supported riders since the early 1900s, the team at Harry Hall pulls out all the stops when protecting you and your mane pal. We cover all the essentials and go the extra furlong.


Our three-pronged protection approach allows you choose the amount of trailer coverage you need, so your premium is always affordable. You can insure your trailer for £2,000, £5,000 or £8,000.

Full replacement:

If your trailer is stolen or accidentally damaged, you’ll receive that sum (or its market value, whichever is the lesser amount), so you can get another one just like it.

Temporary replacement:

We also pay for the hire of another trailer for up to 3 weeks (at £100 per week) if yours is unusable due to loss or damage.


We cover the delivery costs of taking your trailer to the nearest repair station, or back home, if it’s accidentally damaged. Plus, the cost of returning your horse (up to £500, geographical limits apply).

Full liability cover:

We provide third-party public liability cover of up to £1 million if there’s an accident when your trailer is stationary. (If you’re towing your trailer, your insurance should cover it – check the terms of your policy.)


Everything is clearly stated online, so you know what you get and what you need to pay without wasting time searching or making multiple calls.


As a seasoned horse specialist, we offer a full range of protection, so you have all the policies you need in one basket. Once you’ve joined our One Club (from as little as £10 a year) , you can buy not just horse trailer insurance, but also vet fees insurance (from £19.62 a quarter) and optional add-ons for tack cover, colic surgery protection and more.

Anything else?

Insurance is never a happy subject – after all, the benefits only kick in when something has gone wrong – but it doesn’t have to be difficult or extortionate. With thousands of happy equestrians rewarded for staying with us. And as a Harry Hall One member, you get the added benefit of generous discounts on top-brand wares for you and your horse, and savings on equestrian magazine subscriptions and event entrance fees.

So, with your trailer insurance in order, you can prepare for your day out or longer haul with confidence. All set? Then, travel safe and go for the win!

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