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Prepare Perform Restore


The preparation of the horse for exercise is vitally important to get the best work and maximise their longevity by preventing injury plus wear and tear.

Many factors have been associated with muscular injury and current research has concluded that for muscle injury prevention correct preparation is essential to preventing muscle injuries by increasing the elasticity of muscles and smoothing muscular contractions.


What is the importance of warming up for exercise?

Before you get on board you can kick start your horse’s preparation for exercise and encourage vital blood flow to his muscles using the Protechmasta rug to make the body warm.

The heat generated from the increased blood flow makes connective tissue more flexible as it’s extensibility will increase, allowing for improved suppleness and prevention of injury. It decreases joint stiffness, pain, and muscle spasms and reduces inflammation and the build-up of fluid in tissues (oedema).

How to reduce anxiety and pre-exercise stress for more productive work

The Protechmasta rug is designed to help facilitate effective preparation of the working muscles, prior to exercise and reduce pre-exercise stress.

As the Protechmasta Far Infrared technology encourages better circulation and the heart pumps at full force the result is that heart rate lowers, heart muscles relax and blood pressure flows evenly and smoothly. Good blood circulation helps improve brain function and focuses the mind to be more equipped to handle stressful situations.

How to help prevent tendon injury

Collectively, tendons, ligaments, muscle and bone are attached together to stabilise, support and create movement. Due to the lack of muscle and soft tissue cover of the distal limbs of the equine their tendons and ligaments in this region are vulnerable to injury.
It is therefore important that management of the distal limb is carefully considered for prevention of injuries and to maximise performance longevity. When these structures are not warmed up then they are exposed to damage especially as the tendons are made up of predominantly collagen and elastin, when cold and tight they become less elastic and vulnerable to micro damage and even rupture.
Good footing, correct shoeing, conditioning work to strengthen soft tissue structures and using Protechmasta Leg wraps can help avoid injury. Far Infrared is known to improve metabolic efficiency and encourage vasodilation. The increase in blood flow to tendons and ligaments both warms up the structures and makes more oxygen available to the cells encouraging repair and healthy cell growth.


Good oxygen levels are as essential to a horse’s performance as they are to a human athlete. Most of the oxygen in the body is transported by haemoglobin, which is found inside red blood cells and disbursed to muscles where it triggers the process to metabolise glucose for energy.


A way to enhance stamina

We have all mostly heard of lactic acid build up which is the result of fatigued muscles not contracting efficiently. During exercise, the horse will breathe faster as the body attempts to transport more oxygen to the muscles but as the energy requirements are increased and the oxygen supply starts to deplete then glucose is broken down into an acidic substance called lactate – a build up of lactate causes the burning sensation in the muscle. 

The key to enhancing stamina and helping to prevent the muscle burn in our horses when exercising is to boost circulation with Protechmasta Far Infrared technology. Improved blood flow provides optimum levels of oxygen to the muscles to help prevent fatigue and perform stronger for longer.

Improving movement for that extra mark
By using Protechmasta to improve blood flow and making the body warm, the heat generated from the increased blood flow makes connective tissue more flexible as it’s extensibility will increase.

This will inevitably help with improved suppleness, decreasing joint stiffness, pain, and muscle spasms and reducing inflammation and the build-up of fluid in tissues (oedema) – all leading to an improvement in movement and better performance.


The way blood flows around the muscles in the body has a big impact on how well they recover, since blood flow is what delivers the nutrients that muscles need to rebuild. Blood flow also takes metabolic waste away from the muscles, where it can be properly excreted from the body.

After exercise there is much importance to restore the horses heart rate back to its resting rate and return it to pre-exercise conditions by regulating temperature and therefore preventing potential heat stress, dehydration and tying up from cooling down too quickly. This ultimately will help increase longevity of the horse whilst maintaining optimal function and ongoing performance success.


The key to restoring muscle function and repairing wear and tear

Protechmasta Far Infrared technology will promote healthy cell regeneration by encouraging an increase in the flow of blood which carries electrolytes, vitamins and nutrients to muscles, tendons and ligaments for vital repair.

Get a quick return to pre-exercise resting state

As effective regulation of temperature mechanisms for the equine are crucial to minimise injuries to the muscles, metabolism and cells, the Protechmasta rug will trigger vasodilation to increase the size of capillaries resulting in reduced blood pressure and reduction in heart rate helping to cool the horse down slowly.

How to reduce inflammation and soreness

The inflammatory response (inflammation) occurs when tissues are injured by bacteria, trauma, toxins, heat, or any other cause.  The damaged cells release chemicals which cause blood vessels to leak fluid into the tissues, causing swelling. A boost of blood flow around the body brings nutrients and fuel to cells and also takes away toxins, dead cells, and other unwanted debris which will help to reduce inflammation.

An example of using the Protechmasta rug to reduce inflammation in the hindquarters is shown below using thermography in an equine case study before and 30 minutes after wearing the Protechmasta rug that was used as an effective way to increase circulation.