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How can Infrared therapy help you and your horse?

Far infrared radiation is a natural process and is scientifically proven to gently and safely assist blood circulation. Helping to support healthy joints, soft tissue, maintain healthy blood flow, ease muscle tension, support recovery and aid in helping keep structures and functions sound.


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Why Use Protechmasta?

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Assists circulation

Boost circulation with Protechmasta Far Infrared technology. Improved blood flow provides optimum levels of oxygen to the muscles to help prevent fatigue and perform stronger for longer. 

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Helps maintain healthy joints

Protechmasta helps decrease joint stiffness, pain and muscle spasms and reduces inflamation and the build-up of fluid in tissues (oedema).

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Helps ease muscle tension

The heat generated from the increased blood flow makes connective tissue more flexible as it's extensibillity will increase, allowing for improved suppleness and prevention of injury


Aids recovery

Protechmasta products are great to use after exercise to assist your horse’s circulation and aid the cool down process. The range is also beneficial to
support recovery or whilst on box rest.


Help ease swollen or filled legs

A boost of blood flow around the body brings nutrients and fuel to cells and also takes away toxins, dead cells, and other unwanted debris which will help to reduce inflammation.


Aids relaxation

Reduce sweating and reduce the potential for heat stress, all of which are known to be performance prohibitors.

Combining technical fabrics with Far Infrared technology, the Protechmasta range

is designed to be versatile and practical.

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Prepare 55%

Feel their horse is more relaxed and less tense.

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Perform 80%

Noticed an improvement in their horses ridden work.

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Restore 43%

Feel Protechmasta improved freedom of movement.

*886 survey entries, results from February 2021.


Trusted by pro's

Toledo gets hot and excited on the lorry through nervous anticipation. We’ve tried loads of different rugs but it is Protechmasta that has seriously helped.


Team GB Event Rider

Award winning technology from Masta, the Protechmasta range is helping thousands of Horses and Riders.


Clinical Trials What the experts say

Sandie Chambers has studied both Human and Equine sports science. Having spent almost her entire career in Equine sports and as seasoned Equestrian, places Sandie at the top in Equestrian Fitness and Performance. Sandie has managed some of Europes leading Equine & Leisure facilities and having trained horses for a number of International Show Jumpers and Dressage riders, has built up an impressive record and reputation for achieving exceptional results with clients and equine’s from all sorts of competitive and noncompetitive backgrounds.

Findings from an independent clinical trial conducted by Sandie Chambers from Equitherm


Reduced and restored heart rate

Pre-exercise resting heart rate reduced – known to relieve pre-exercise and competition stress and general anxiety.

Post-exercise heart rate restored to resting rate quicker – showing significantly improved recovery rates, a sign of reduced exercise stress.


Inflammation reduced

Inflammation reduced even after 30 minutes– promoting improved circulation, therefore, minimising the risk for injury and improved vascular health.


Temperature stabilised

Skin surface temperature stabilised pre and post-exercise – which will help regulate temperature, reduce sweating and reduce the potential for heat stress, all of which are known to be performance prohibitors.

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