1. Not On My Yard

    Not On My Yard


    Hi everyone, my names Tayah and I’m delighted to be apart of Tottie this year as one of their #Select17 girls! I’m 19 years old and am currently based in the South Leicestershire area where I live and work. Horses are a huge part of my life and I have been riding since I was 8 years old, I currently have a beautiful gypsy cob mare called Arabella who I’ve had for the best part of 2 years now. We are mostly just happy hackers but this year we are hoping to get out and about a little bit and try our hand (and hoof) at showing.

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  2. Nationals T-minus 12 days!!

    Nationals T-minus 12 days!!


    The Herbster (aka Coniston Nadal) and me are on the countdown to our first ever British Dressage National Championship! Having had more of an eventing background, Herbie, our 9yo home produced gelding, has always shone in the dressage so mum and I (the dream team!) decided to pop on his ballet shoes about a year ago and focus on the dancing for a while. And we love it!

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  3. A Horse I'd Like To Clone

    A Horse I'd Like To Clone


    Harry Hall Ambassador Charles Upham is preparing his stud near Dartmoor for the arrival of mares to foal. And as the hunting season draws to a close, he reflects on older horse and rider combination who are made for each other

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  4. Small But Opinionated

    Small But Opinionated


    Name: Molly

    Age: Nine-and-a-half months (definitely not old enough to known better)

    Breed: Jack Russell Terrierist

    Specialist subjects: Chewing, shredding, general unruliness

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  5. Eventing Problems We Love/Hate

    Eventing Problems We Love/Hate


    March is here, which means so is eventing season. We’ve waited a solid 5 months for this and finally, FINALLY it’s here. Although, just between us, there are a few things we haven’t missed and if anything, we could probably do without. But it comes with the territory so here are the things we love to hate about eventing season...

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  6. Moving Onto Horses

    Moving Onto Horses


    So as you found out in my last blog, I have sadly had to retire my pony Suzie. This was very hard for my however I would not let that stop me riding! I recently got a new horse, Ruby. A 15.3hh, chestnut, Irish Sports Horse. (I know, a chestnut mare!) Moving onto horses can be tough with so many different things to get used to from strides, to shows and even tacking up! So I thought I'd give you my top tips for making the transition as easy as possible!

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  7. Meet Megan!

    Meet Megan!


    With a brand new website, start of my second year blogging for Tottie and with new team members to add the amazing team of girls I feel like I should re introduce myself. A lot has changed since this last time last year too so im sure nothing will be repeated, other than my love for tottie clothing of course! Hopefully you’re not sick of me yet and will continue to read and enjoy my blogs. Im a 20 year old, Welly wearing, country loving, horse obsessed , student paramedic who comes from West Yorkshire.

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  8. Exciting Plans, And One Drama

    Exciting Plans, And One Drama


    Showing rider, riding centre owner and Harry Hall Ambassador Jenna Tyldesley has been breaking a new horse to her side saddle, putting rescue theory into practice and more

    Last year’s showing season finished with some highs and lows. I had qualified Billy (Tudor Minstral) for the ladies side saddle at Horse of the Year Show (HOYS).

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  9. Ambassadogs Hit Crufts

    Ambassadogs Hit Crufts


    Name: Sererus

    Breed: Brown & black working cocker spaniels

    Age: 3 years old & 1 year old

    Chief Occupation: Sev prefers humans to dogs and loves to swim & to Lily her ball is her life and she loves snuggles.

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  10. Plum Pudding

    Plum Pudding


    Name – Plum Pudding

    Age – 8 months

    Occupation – Rescue dog ambassador, chief mischief maker, flower pot attendant, taste tester.


    Hello everyone!

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  11. Holly Breeches Review

    Holly Breeches Review


    The infamous Holly Winter Breeches appear to have been an immediate success upon their release.  They are the comfiest breeches I own and the fact that they keep you both warm and dry is just wonderful.  Pretty much all of us Tottie girls have them and if you cannot tell already...we absolutely love them! I honestly don’t know how I have coped for the past number of winters without these breeches because now I practically live in them.  

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  12. Going To Pony College

    Going To Pony College


    When leaving school instead of following the crowd and moving onto A levels at my schools sixth-form, I took a chance and left all my school friends behind and enrolled on a Level 3 National Diploma in Equine Management at Askham Bryan College! This decision was made when I tried to decide on a career path, and my current GCSE grades. I was swayed to becoming an art teacher or a human dentist! Very different I know however I didn’t feel I had enough interest in either subject...

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