1. What does it mean when my horse...

    What does it mean when my horse...

    Ever wondered why your horse eats soil? Rolls in mud? Curls his top lip? We asked our horse expert friends what these habits mean, some of the answers might surprise you:


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  2. One Club Member Bex

    One Club Member Bex

    Harry Hall One Club members are at the heart of everything we do at Harry Hall so we’re pleased to introduce our monthly members blog, and this month we met One Club member Bex Hallewell Hayward and her horse Atia:

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  3. Horse Trailer Insurance

    Horse Trailer Insurance

    You may have seen that last week Harry Hall launched an exciting new product in the form of horse trailer insurance. This new policy has been launched as an addition to the Harry Hall rider insurance scheme and when looking to launch horse trailer insurance our research confirmed it’s an insurance policy worth having. Find out more below:


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  4. How ArcEquine can help Laminitis

    How ArcEquine can help Laminitis

    Chances are that as a horse owner or a regular rider you’ll have experienced Laminitis in one form or another by now. Laminitis can vary in severity from a just a hint of lameness causing discomfort, to – in the worst cases – the total collapse of the pedal (or coffin) bone known as “sinking” which could prove fatal.

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  5. Horses and Poisonous Plants

    Horses and Poisonous Plants

    It can be confusing to know which plants and trees are poisonous (and sometimes) fatal to horses. We’ve put together this handy blog so you can check your paddock safe in the knowledge that your horse won’t come into contact with anything poisonous.

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  6. How to Start Horse Riding

    How to Start Horse Riding

    For many people horse riding is a way of life, something they learnt at a young age and they’ve rarey had a day without riding ever since. For others, horse riding is a dream, a “never got round to trying” or “never had the chance”. If you fall into the latter category then this blog is for you, we asked Harry Hall One Club members for their top tips on what you should do when you start horse riding.

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  7. Riding in the Summer

    Riding in the Summer

    Harry Hall is bursting at the seams with horse lovers, from our Customer Service team to Finance, Design and Marketing we own 12 horses between us. So who better to ask for top tips in getting your horse, stable and you ready for summer riding. The team share their top tips below:


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  8. 5 Exercises for Young Horses

    5 Exercises for Young Horses

    Masta testing partner, professional dressage rider and trainer Melissa Chapman from Team Chapman Dressage has compiled 5 great exercises for young dressage horses, we hope you find them useful and we’d love to hear how you get on trying them out:


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  9. Combining University and Horse Riding

    Combining University and Horse Riding

    Is it possible to go to University and keep your horse? Yes! We asked Tottie fan and Harry Hall Ambassador Kirsty Fitch to write a blog for us on her first year at University and how she’s found combining study with riding and working part time:


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  10. An Introduction to ArcEquine

    An Introduction to ArcEquine

    Being part of the Harry Hall One Club gives members great discounts on equestrian brands, services and events. A One Club member discounts is 15% off an ArcEquine therapy system, we spoke to the team at ArcEquine to find out more about the product and how it could benefit your horse.


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  11. Kissing Spines - The Rehab Process

    Kissing Spines - The Rehab Process

    When we heard from Harry Hall One Club Member Kaylie Perring earlier this year, her Kissing Spine rehab story was too interesting to bypass, to anyone starting out on this journey or wondering what’s involved you’ll sure find this blog interesting. From negative Nelly’s to positive Polly’s and gadget Garry’s there are a lot of handy tips to keep you on track.


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  12. 10 Things You Need For Your Horse

    10 Things You Need For Your Horse

    Harry Hall are bursting at the seams with horse loving people and after a recent chat with Marketing Director Rachel, we thought her horse-riding story should be shared.

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