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A very British company stands the test of time... the Harry Hall story


Once a tailor, always a tailor

From “Gold Medal Tailor” to dressing Royalty, the Harry Hall story is steeped in history. But unlike many long-established brands, Harry Hall continues to evolve.

This is the story of a brand and a business that embraces transformation, looks to the future and always considers its customers. Some other prominent British brands that appear to be in trouble might do well to take look at Harry Hall.

vintage harry hall poster


How the story began

The entrepreneur Harry Hall began his career as a tailor. In 1891 he started his own business, "Harry Hall Esq" a bootmaker and tailor, and so the story begins. 

After World War 2, as horses became an animal of pleasure and leisure instead of a workhorse or a war horse, Harry Hall Esq began to focus on equestrian clothing.

By the 1960s, the brand was supplying clothing to famous riding personalities such as Pat Smythe, Anne Townsend, Sheila & Mary Braney and even Brazil's very own Nelson Pessoa. On occasions, orders were even received from the stables at Buckingham Palace. Ever since, the Harry Hall brand has continued to develop and remains treasured throughout the equestrian world. Ask any rider over the age of 40 what their first pair of jodhpurs were and invariably the answer is Harry Hall.


Changing times - the story today

With Liz Hopper, a female CEO at the helm and a hybrid working policy, this small but mighty business stays true to its heritage while embracing the future. Around 10 years ago, Harry Hall recognised the need for a fundamental change in the business model. With the equestrian clothing market becoming flooded with European brands and as consumers began to embrace online shopping, it was time for a new approach. In 2017 Harry Hall introduced the One Club. Only available at, the One Club offers a membership that gives free returns on shopping. Members also save on their equestrian shopping.

Liz Hopper harry hall

In addition to shopping, the business also recognised that owners and riders were finding equestrian insurance too expensive. So the Harry Hall One Club introduced public liability and personal accident cover for horse owners and riders which provided simple equestrian insurance at an affordable price. The business also developed the Harry Hall Riding App and launched it to the One Club members.  The app lets riders keep their horse life on the right track, while also making riding safer with SafeRide. The app can detect if a rider has fallen off their horse and automatically sends the location to a chosen contact.

With rising prices, finding ways to save money is top of the agenda for most horse owners and riders. However, cost-cutting today could prove to be a false economy tomorrow. Many horse owners are considering changing the type of insurance cover they have in order to make savings. Some may even choose to 'self-insure.'

Harry Hall offers low-cost equestrian insurance cover for horses and riders. The Harry Hall One Club provides five levels of membership - Gold membership includes public liability and personal accident cover. Horse trailer insurance and vet fees insurance options are exclusively available to those members too.

So in effect, Harry Hall One Club members can “tailor” their insurance to suit their needs. 

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