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  1. How to get the best deal on horse vet fees insurance

    While you can’t prevent the cost of vet fees going up, you can ensure that you’re not left with a big bill – that’s where vet fees insurance comes in. But how do you get an affordable deal that is right for you and your horse? Read on.

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  2. Brooke's MyHackathon



    One of our charity partners, Brooke, is inviting you to take on MyHackathon, the sponsored hack challenge for horse lovers across the UK. You choose the distance that’s best for you and your horse - 50, 100 or 250 miles - and then get hacking and raise as much as you can! The money you raise will make a massive difference to working equines around the world.


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  3. Horse Prices in Lockdown

    Finding the right horse


    Passionate about matching potential owners or loaners with the right horse, Right Horse Right Home we are transforming how people can find the right horse or the right home for their horse. They look to empower those looking for their next equine partner by providing transparent information by which users can make informed choices. And recently their founder Rebecca Evans gave Harry Hall her honest thoughts on the price of horses during lockdown and whether she thinks more horses will become available once lockdown ends.


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  4. First Aid Essentials

    First aid for horses


    Is it time to start stocking up your horse first aid kit? In preparation for the competition season re-starting, it’s important to get your first aid kit stocked up ready for the lorry and buying your first aid essentials from brands you can trust will bring you peace of mind when it comes to treating your horse. We caught up with our friends at NAF to find out what makes it onto their list of essential first-aid kit items.


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  5. Windgalls in Horses

    Windgalls in horses


    We caught up with Brian Reed from Rainbow Equine Hospital for an overview on windgalls in horses. We were keen to know some of the basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to managing, treating and even preventing windgalls in horses.


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  6. Welcoming RDA

    Riding For the Disabled


    Welcoming Riding For The Disabled Association. In this blog, we introduce another Harry Hall 2021 charity partner, being a charity partner means that when you take out One Club membership, an insurance product, or shop with us you're helping us to support a good cause. The third Harry Hall charity partner we're going to introduce is Riding For The Disabled Association (RDA) who work with horses to support their clients’ education and learning, using these skills to improve their client's confidence in daily life


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  7. Welcoming The Horse Trust

    The Horse Trust


    In this blog, we introduce another Harry Hall 2021 charity partner, being a charity partner means that when you take out One Club membership, an insurance product, or shop with us you're helping us to support to a good cause. The second Harry Hall charity partner we're going to introduce is The Horse Trust who for over 130 years has specialised in providing retirement and respite for working horses and ponies.


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  8. Welcoming Brooke

    Harry Hall charity partner



    In December 2020 we asked you to vote for Harry Hall’s 2021 charity partners and following a nomination process, a shortlist of ten fabulous charities was released and a public vote followed which saw us announce three new charity partners for 2021. Every time you take out membership, insurance or shop with us we'll donate to the charity fund to help support our three amazing charity partners. Brooke Action for working horses and donkeys was one of the winners and in this blog, we delve into their past and find out how they work to protect and improve the lives of horses, donkeys and mules in the developing world.

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  9. Respiratory Disease in Horses

    Respiratory disease in horses


    Respiratory disease in horses, a two-minute read giving you the knowledge of what to look out and listen for. Brian Reed from Rainbow Equine has kindly given us some key pieces of information to refer to if you're concerned about respiratory diseases in horses. 

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  10. Mud Fever in Horses

    Mud Fever in horses


    Mud fever in horses. Every year it’s the same, a combination of wet weather and hair on horses’ legs provides a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that causes mud fever. White-haired areas and pink skin are more prone to mud fever, so be extra vigilant if your horse ticks these boxes and has one or more white socks.

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  11. Does your horse need an equine dentist?

    Equine Dentist


    Open wide. Do horses really need to see an equine dentist? We flossed and brushed before we had a virtual catch up with equine dentist Martin Brookes, who is a full member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians and we asked Martin to tell us what to look for when a horse needs a visit the equine dentist.

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  12. A Friesian and a Film Set

    horses in films


    Coffee in one hand. Reins in another! Let’s begin with some context. I am Canadian, born to South African parents in Toronto but raised, educated, lived, loved and left England - just two short years ago. On this epic return to the homeland, and akin to Noah and the Ark, came three kids, one husband, one mother, three dogs, two cats and three Friesians who are the reason of course for this blog. So, where do I start? I thought about this and wondered what anyone would like to read about. Obviously, you want to know their names. So we will naturally have to start with Demy, simply because she came first.

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