10 Of The Worst Saddle Scenarios
So we all love our horses, and we love riding and we love everything that goes along with it... Ok, maybe not. There are *alot* of things not to like about the whole horsey lifestyle, both in and out of the saddle. We've picked our top 10 worst saddle scenarios which we could totally live without to be honest - but it's all part of the parcel right? Try to remember that next time you're mucking out in the pouring rain. It's all worth it... 


  • The moment of realisation that your phone has just slipped out of your pocket. Is it the victim of a hoof to screen situation, is it in a puddle, is it ever to be seen again? Nightmare.
  • The rain. More specifically, when it snakes it’s way into your boots, your chest or down the back of your neck. Vile. 
  • Going in for a jump or riding past one and knocking your knee against the wing. Excruciating, only made worse by if you’re in the middle of a test. Keep calm and carry on or curl up and cry?
  • If your horse wants to roll, your horse wants to roll – and they do not care one bit if you’re sat on them. You’re going down, lets hope you like the patch of grass as much as they do.
  • Being in a mad rush and forgetting to wear a sports bra. This is all kinds of emotional, especially when you feel one of the straps start to slip...
  • Being out on a hack and the person in front of you pushing past a branch – prepare yourself, this means you’re about to take a branch to the face.
  • Feeling yourself starting to fall, and putting so much effort into staying on that you cause yourself more of an injury than if you’d just fallen off in the first place.
  • When you forget to wear your riding gloves, and you start to get sweaty hands, and everything gets slippy and scary and then you remember why you should ALWAYS. WEAR. GLOVES.
  • Knowing your test inside out and then the minute you enter the arena you go blank. It happens to us all, and it’s always traumatic.
  • But seriously, will we ever get over the whole hay in bra situation? It’s a mystery.