5 People You Will Meet at a Show


Most of us know the stress of a horse show, with so much going on you might not have much time to people watch and really take a look at those around you. Read on to find out five types of people you are bound to spot at your next local show. 


Princess Polly – Riding around in her expensive show jacket, top of the range bespoke helmet on top of perfectly styled hair, Princess Polly radiates money. Her Dutch imported jumping pony probably cost more than a mortgage on a small house and nothing, NOTHING, but first place is good enough!


Backyard Brittany – The judges can’t quite tell if her pony is covered in poo or if it is just an interested marking but her mismatched tack and slightly messy outfit haven’t affected her happiness. She is just glad to be out, meeting new people and having fun. Having practiced jumping over mops propped up on old chairs, she might not be fully prepared but is ready to give it her best!


Mummy Molly – She may be long past her pony days but Mummy Molly only wants the best for her daughter, who FYI is going to be the next HOYs champion, thank you very much. She stands at the side of the arena, screaming instructions as her daughter’s pony zips around the course.


Too Fast Freddie – A speed demon by name, a speed demon by nature. Too Fast Freddie doesn’t listen to his parents screams to slow his pony down, he flies around the course at a speed that would put Louis Hamilton’s lap times to shame. He has turning on a sixpence down to a tee, a great team for future speed classes!


In My Day Ingrid – If you had a pound for every time In My Day Ingrid complained about how shows are run “these days”, you could probably enter every class of the day! She prefers how shows were run when she was younger and often gives off about how young kids prefer winning to the enjoyment of the show. Best to fuel her with tea and biscuits to keep her quiet!


Thank you for reading!


Erin x


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*This post is purely intended to be lighthearted and does not represent the views of HarryHall.com