5 Signs Winter Is Here!


Now that winter has arrived the fun of competing all summer, beach trips, playing around XC, riding till 7 at night with no lights need and wearing t-shits has end! 

  1. Mud 

Do we really to explain this point? It comes every year at the first sign of rain and sticks around for months! No matter how hard you try not to walk on the same patch to avoid mud worsening it still appears everywhere! It also comes with more problems such as mud fever, mud covered horses and rugs! Don’t forget losing your wellies in the field entrance!! 


  1. Fluff 

Your horses go from super sleek athletes to something resembling a prehistoric creature in a matter of days. Then the task of ‘de-fluffing’ begins, an activity which consist of transferring all the horses fluff onto yourself. You end up ruining all your nice horsey clothes and no matter what form of overalls you wear it still ends up getting everywhere! Personally I’ve turned to clipping in an old pair of PJ’s that I can throw out after! 


  1. Rugs everywhere 

We can no longer keep our rug racks outside the stables looking neat and tidy with small fly rugs or lightweight turnouts, we now have big bulky, muddy and heavy turnout rugs that you have to scramble onto rug racks without getting covered in mud yourself! 


  1. Crazy horses 

As soon as the temperature drops below normal, there must be a switch that flicks in your horses brain. They become super aware of all the ‘monsters’ around them that required them to spin in the opposite direction as fast as possible, squeal and prance about. And all we can do is keep calm and hold on! 


  1. Cold hands 

Whether it’s filling buckets, breaking ice off he fields waters, washing legs or even just turning the horses out. The freezing cold temperatures of winter are brutal on your hands even our tough Equestrian hands! Even standing with your hands under your horses rugs won’t warm them up! 


Good luck with winter everyone! 


Olivia ! X