Eventing Problems We Love/Hate


March is here, which means so is eventing season. We’ve waited a solid 5 months for this and finally, FINALLY it’s here. Although, just between us, there are a few things we haven’t missed and if anything, we could probably do without. But it comes with the territory so here are the things we love to hate about eventing season...



Being the only sport where you have to wear your medical information on your arm, the prospect of danger is never far away, and as much as you reassure your loved ones you’ll be perfectly safe, there’s still that slight fear that comes in waves.



Trying to load your horse into the trailer at an hour no one should rise at, trying to learn the course at 5am when it’s cold and dark, trying not to curl up in a ball and cry, it’s all part of the fun right?



The endless worry about jumping a fence and not knowing whether you’re going to be landing head first in a bog or breaking your beloved beast on rock solid grass.



You can only watch, as your hours of hard work to make your horse shiny and perfect are ruined within minutes of him leaving the trailer. Matted hair and crusty mud cling to every single part of him. Why did you even bother?



You’re all ready to go, you’ve pumped yourself up and now you just have to get those studs on. Lift the horses leg and guess what, a stone just the right size and shape has managed to find its way in. Not only that, but it is wedged so tightly there is no way you’re getting out. The sheer panic is enough to make you question whether it’s all worth it.



You feel great, you had the best day and you placed! And then you wake up the next morning and your entire body feels as though it’s been run over by a tractor. The burn is endless and you realise you’re going to spend the rest of the week crawling/rolling to where you need to be. Although you do miraculously feel better, when the next weekend rolls around...