This month I thought it would be great to talk about what it’s like been a Tottie select girl and keeping up with writing blog posts and trying to work at the same time. It’s not always easy trying to balance everything and sometimes hours in the day just fly by making it seem like your whole life is whizzing past really fast but I’ve always thought that if you have a passion for something then you have to go for it or else you’ll end up regretting the decision you didn’t make!


Writing is a huge part of my life been a full time author I love to write and read of course, I would right 24/7 if I could, so when the opportunity to become a Tottie select girl for 2017 came up I just couldn’t say no and I haven’t looked back ever since, been a Tottie select girl you enter a sort of community everyone is so friendly and great with advice, you get to connect with the other select girls and share information with each other and always build lifelong friendships, It’s nice to connect with regular Tottie followers also as you all share the same interests with products and the equine world. Not only do you get to build amazing connections but you also get the chance to review products and give your opinion to others which is really nice as you feel you are helping along the way!


Writing blogs can be quite challenging and we all have that ‘Writers block’ moment where we feel like we have hit a wall and don’t know what to write but the best thing to do is have a break and come back to it later, it’s always really important to write about things you enjoy and your passionate about as this will really reflect in your writing, if for example your equestrian mad and end up writing about ‘windsurfing’ but don’t have an interest in it it’ll most likely reflect in your writing.


Lastly how do I balance everything, some of the Tottie select girls have university and college to content with while also been a Tottie girl and a few of us like me have a 9:00am – 5:00pm Job, it’s not always easy trying to meet deadlines and if you have writers block that is a total nightmare, but what I find is if you set a certain time in your diary and stick to it for when your writing you blog posts then this generally works it like training yourself to be obedient in once sense! Personally I see being a Tottie select girl as a sort of hobby as I love writing and horses so I’m totally in my element!


Hannah x