What are the best riding breeches for spring and summer?

Ah, spring and summer. The seasons of joy for many horse riders, out come the summer riding tights and breeches and long, warm days accompany what feel like endless nights. Outdoors events and riding competitions are in full swing, Country Shows have kicked off and battling the wind, rain and mud of a winter just passed already seems like a distant memory.

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However, it will come as no surprise to you when we say spring and summer in the UK doesn’t equal sunshine and warmth. Our varied and unpredictable climate can mean jackets and base layers one day and t-shirts the next. This unpredictability can cause headaches for horse riders. You question your wardrobe choices multiple times a day and wonder what are the best riding breeches for spring and summer? How can I stay warm and dry one day, and cool the next?
Let’s delve into the world of riding breeches, riding tights and jodhpurs for spring and summer to help you decide what riding legwear you need in your wardrobe.

Horse riding breeches for spring and summer

With the wind and rain of winter, we also experience lower temperatures. When the thermometerplummets towards zero, you want to wear riding legwear to keep your legs cosy (and potentially dry!) But what can you do when the thermometer flies the other way, and we see the dizzy heights of 25 degrees during the British Summer? Aside from getting up at the crack of dawn to beat the heat, there are warm-weather specific riding breeches, riding tights and jodhpurs for spring and summer. Before we delve into what you need to look for in summer riding legwear, what are riding breeches?

Breeches are a type of riding legwear that is great for various disciplines and seasons. As with most horse-riding legwear, breeches are tight-fitting yet crafted to allow freedom of movement and comfort in the saddle. When it comes to the best riding breeches for spring and summer, it is down
to personal preference.

Here are our top picks for the warmer months:

What do horse riders wear in the summer?

Summer for horse riders means dodgy tan lines, sweaty hat hair and l’odeur fly spray following you wherever you go. It also means more time in the saddle and long rides with friends. With this in mind, what should you look for when it comes to riding breeches, riding tights and jodhpurs for spring and summer?

Here is our summer legwear checklist:

Breathable fabric – you’ll want to keep your cool as the temperature rises, look for breeches, riding tights and jodhpurs crafted from fabric that offers breathability in and out of the saddle.
Comfort – longer rides and more time in the saddle means comfort should be high on your summer breeches checklist. Some breeches offer full seat silicone grip, others have knee grip and some have no grip at all. Figure out what level of grip you need to keep your derriere in a happy place when it’s
in the saddle.
Colour – more riding means you’ll want more breeches. It’s a good idea to buy your favourite breeches in a variety of colours so you can establish a rotation system and there’s always a clean pair ready and raring to go.

Soft stretch ankle cuffs – wave goodbye to hot and swollen ankles when you wear breeches, look for summer breeches with soft stretch ankle cuffs. Harry Hall breeches feature ankle cuffs that sit comfortably under your riding boots.

What should I wear with riding breeches?

Horse riding breeches are designed to stop just above your ankles, sitting on your calf. Long boots or jodhpur boots with chaps are the most popular choice of footwear to wear with breeches. Wearing long boots or jodhpur boots with chaps will ensure your ankle doesn’t get nipped when you’re in the saddle.

Heading to the top half, in hotter months most people prefer to wear t-shirts or base layers when riding to keep cool and this means that you can accessorize! Breeches for spring and summer look great teamed with a belt for a pop of colour.

Should I wear jodhpurs or breeches?

Jodhpurs and breeches are essentially sisters in the horse-riding legwear world, they’re similar but totally different at the same time. If you find yourself pondering ‘jodhpurs vs breeches which should I wear?’ our handy guide featuring advice on fit, fabrics and levels of grip will have all the answers for you

What to look for in riding tights

Functional and on-trend, riding tights are made from thinner fabric compared to riding breeches and jodhpurs. This means they give you a closer feel with your horse and in hotter weather they can keep you cooler. Riding tights have been styled on gym leggings and feature some of the most advanced technical fabrics on the market. What do you need to look for when it comes to riding tights for spring and summer?

What to look for in summer riding tights

  • Riding tights with a phone pocket are a must for the spring and summer months. Fewer layers means fewer pockets for your phone and keys so look for a pair of riding tights with a phone pocket to keep your valuables safe.
  • Riding tights with four-way stretch fabric will sculpt and support your legs in the saddle.
  • Squat-proof fabric is a big must-have, look out for zero transparent fabric in the riding tights product description.
  • As with breeches and jodhpurs, riding tights come with a variety of knee or seat grip options. Find a pair of riding tights that have the perfect amount of grip for you.

Horse riding in warm weather

Often, we get so caught up in what our horse wears that we neglect our needs, ‘Will the fabric in these breeches make me sweat more?’ is a question we rarely consider.

Horse riding in the heat isn’t without risks for horse riders and heat related incidents are more common than you’d think, things horse riders need to be aware of in the warmer months:

  • Sunburn
  • Dehydration
  • Heat Exhaustion
  • Heatstroke

Other things horse riders can do to keep cool in the saddle when the temperature rises

  • Wear thinner gloves – you might not feel like wearing gloves in warm weather, but they’ll make for a more comfortable ride and will keep those pesky blisters at bay. Wearing the same gloves you wore all winter isn’t a great idea in the summer months - swollen sausage fingers are never a good look. Invest in a second pair of thinner gloves for the warmer months.
  • It’s hot, you’re already sweaty and the last thing you want to do is put on a riding hat. There is no negotiating this of course, so to make riding in the hot weather a bit more comfortable, look for a lightweight riding hat with excellent ventilation. Harry Hall has an extensive range of riding hats for you to browse.
  • Wear a riding top that keeps sweat at bay. Our four-way stretch base layers are not only super comfy, but they’re also crafted from breathable fabric with wicking properties that will leave you feeling as cool as a cucumber when the temperature rises.

Hopefully this blog has helped you find the best pair of riding breeches for spring and summer, why not browse our legwear collection to find the perfect pair? Whichever style you land on, we hope you enjoy riding in the warmer weather, make sure you tag us in photos using #LoveHarryHall and you might find yourself on our Instagram page!

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